Snip, snip, snip!!

I love my long hair. Or rather, I should say, loved. I love it when we visit live in California, where it rarely gets over 75. Here, however, it’s just plain hot. The weather here has been amazing the last three months. It’s been cool in the evenings, we’ve even been wearing long sleeve shirts and sleeping with a blanket! But, somewhere a switch was flipped about a week ago, and it’s warm. Thankfully, it still cools off in the evenings, but it scares me that we are already entering into summer! With all that being said, I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for a while. I begged and pleaded with Brandon, hoping he would just chop it all off for me. He said for the betterment of our marriage, he could not! I was pretty bummed until Curtis and Danielle got here. I casually mentioned the idea to her, seeing how she would feel about it, and she was up for the task!! I kept reasurring her, that because I wanted it cut SO bad, I would happy with no matter how it turned out. Turns out, it was a good thing she did it! She thought we should research a bit, and we ended up watching a very informative video about how to cut hair at home. With our utube video under our belts, we set off for the task. I had four pairs of scissors for her to choose from. Turns out, they all sucked. She picked the best of the worst and set off! I was so excited, I could hardly stand it.  She did such an amazing job, and we took off about seven inches!! She left a little room for Kelsey, my sister in law, to fix it whenever we come home next. Brandon’s sister does such a great job with hair! She won’t be happy though, cause a few years ago I tried to cut my own bangs, and it took months for her to fix it. I did promise her I’d never cut my own hair again-which I didn’t! Danielle did such an amazing job, and I’m so so so thankful!!

Watching videos and studying some tips...
Bye bye heavy make me sweaty hair!!!
After!! Looks great huh?? Nothing Kelsey can't fix later!!

4 thoughts on “Snip, snip, snip!!

  1. I was saying to myself how brave you were, but then I got to the actual photo, I’m not sure if that counts as a hair cut, It does look very good, and will be grown out in no time. Yes Kentuckians sure do love their basket ball, hopefully they will go all the way. It is nice to see people happy on Facebook when we win, Coming to Haiti in June now, still working on Bibles. Have a great day, wish I could have been there in the cool of the day.

  2. Wow! you had me there for a moment! I thought I was going to see you with a “haircut”…..sorry Jessica that only counts for a trim. But your hairdresser did a fine job of trimming, I would not have been brave enough to try that!!
    Love and cool breezes to you.
    Aunt KJ.

  3. Wait a minute ladies! I’m not sure what angle you are looking at, but from the back my hair was down to my elbows, and now it’s the upper middle of my back! I know it doesn’t look short short, but we still really did cut off SEVEN inches.. is that really only a trim? Yikes, I’d be scared to go to your hairdresser then and ask for a “trim” !! No wonder so many women complain when their stylist hacks their hair, when they tell them, “I just asked for a trim!!!”

  4. Wait! What???!! Seriously?? 7 inches?? That is most definitely more than a trim! Craziness! You and Danielle are so super brave! I can’t wait to see it!!

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