Curtis and Danielle visit!!

Oh, what a wonderful week! Our friends from our old partner organization, in Port de Paix, came to visit us. They live in La Baie, and they made the long 9 hour tap tap drive all the way here just to see us and the new city we are living in! We have fun with them no matter what we end up doing, so this last week was a blast. It was so great to visit with them, and discover Cap Haitian with them (since we haven’t had much time to do that so far). The best part is they have lived in Haiti for three years, and so all the silly and little things that we love about Cap Haitian-they love too! They can totally appreciate little things like grass, restaurants, paved roads, cucumbers, sliced meat, street lights, and all that stuff too!

Monday we took them out to see a few old forts that are along the coast line. There are actually three in a row, with the third one being the largest and most in tact. It was amazing. There were cannons and canon balls lying around, an old well, spooky staircases and everything!

The entrance..isn't it grand even this many years later?
Cannons aimed towards the ocean ready to go!
Can you just imagine them waiting for an attack??
This looked like the 5th story
Enjoying the view from the corroded balcony

Later that day we walked around downtown together. Brandon and I have seen most of the main streets, driving around trying to find things we need. But this was so fun to walk the cobbeled stone streets. This church was so cool, right in the middle of the town square. It felt very European too, which does make sense since the French did occupy Haiti for a long time. We wondered around for a while, and the people  we talked to in Cap Haitian were really nice too. I actually found a very cute pair of sandals and a fun new tank top! The first clothes shopping I’ve done since living here!

It was in great condition too
you can see the dome of the church behind it, amazing huh??

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