A random list of musings

Things I found the surprising during our latest visit to the United States of America:

1. There are a lot of new cars on the road. Did this just happen overnight?-everyone decided that a car over 10 years old is banned from the road? Or is it just that we are so used to seeing old beat trucks that look like they can’t even run in Haiti?

2. Target. I have always loved this place, but really, how nice is it to have so many things you need located in ONE spot??

3. Americans are just not that friendly to each other. Or, maybe it’s just Southern Californian’s? I’m so used to walking around greeting everyone living in Haiti- I sure got some strange looks as I stuck up conversations and chatting with random strangers.

4.Did you get the memo that everyone cool has an iPhone?

5.  I have always been told that S. California is so great because of the weather. And now, I finally understand. Where else is it 65 or 70 all year long, sunny and lovely every day? BUT, I also realized that is why there is so much traffic. We could not attend some family functions because they were on the same day and with traffic, we couldn’t attend both parties! Crazy!

6. After rarely seeing anything above a knee cap on women in Haiti- I felt like a 90 year old grandma noticing all the short shorts and scandalously clothed girls!

7. Did you know how amazing it is that living in America you can get all different kinds of food in one shopping center? I mean, in a very  small radius you can have a multi-cultural experience. What country do you feel like visiting tonight? Italy? Asia? Japan? How about India?

8. Frozen yogurt. I’m thinking of opening a joint in downtown Cap Haitian. Man I love that stuff.

9. Church. I didn’t realize how much I was missing meeting with fellow believers, singing familiar worship songs, and listening to a sermon that I actually understand. Big shocker, I cried on more than one occasion.

10. I miss baseball. And baseball is so patriotic-I don’t think I ever noticed that before. It’s about as American as eating apple pie and barbecuing something tasty. So go to a game this season for me okay? We only made one while we were home, but it was so delightful.

3 thoughts on “A random list of musings

  1. I can only imagine the culture shock you go thru each time you come home. I however have a 13 year old car and no iphone and Im to old and outa shape to wear the “leave nothing to the imagination” clothes. So I might fit in with the Haitians if I were not so darn white!!
    Love how you make me appreciate what we have! We are truly blessed and I thank God for His provision everyday!
    Bless you!
    Aunt Kathy

  2. These are funny! I love hearing an outside perspective of our nation (I use the word “outside” loosely, since it has only been a little over a year since you were living here.) Luke will be enjoying a baseball game for you today!

  3. Hey, Jessica & Brandon, we’ve got to get together someday ! Let me know when you open your frozen yogurt store in Downtown Cap – I’ll be one of your best customers !!

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