Ah, time back in California.

Just some photos highlights of our short time in California…

We had so much fun seeing and hanging out with Brandon’s brother Clinton and his wife Cortney. They have been living in Hawaii for the last few years, and just moved to California right up the freeway. It’s been so fun to see them and visit with them.

Ben, Ashley, me and Brandon, and Clint and Cortney
Dad with his daughter-in-laws.. he is so sweet to us !
We had a welcome/housewarming party-so fun!

We even were able to go down to TJ, Mexico, and visit with our friends Eric and Dejah. They are working on the latest kitchen with OTB (the last organization we worked with). We absolutely love them, and it was so great to see their sweet baby girl, Malena, and check out what is going on in Mexico. To read more about them and the amazing work they are doing, check our their blog under our “friends” section, right to the right-Eric and Dejah Miranda-Huxley.

Dejah and Malena and me
Got some great time with my dearest friend Julie-and met her newest addition Cloe-SO sweet!


Loved getting time with Tina and my mom !

And Tina surprised me with this great gift too! She bought me these sandals made by Reef. They make the best sandals, much better than Rainbows. Brandon, my brother, and perhaps some of you might fight me on this, but I don’t care what you say-Reef are superior. I mean really, a sandal that can’t get wet, will stain your feet and smell if they do get wet, and needs two months to ‘break in’ -no thank you. My point being, she bought me Reefs that have these really cool beads on them-and turns out they are from 31 Bits!!! I LOVE that organization,and I really think you should too! Click here to check a photo of them, and to read more about 31 Bits you can also click on the link to the far right side of our blog under “Organizations we like”.

Nikki and me

How lucky was I that my sweet friend Nikki was in town from Seattle and we got some precious time together..ya! She works for World Vision and is pretty amazing I’m not going to lie. Guess what? They are also on our blog under “stuff we like” you can check them out too if you want….

Darcy, me, and Kelly

I just can’t get enough of these girls. They were in our old growth group, one that we miss terribly, and will forever be on the search for people who really will never be able to fill that void! The husbands had some good bonding time too.

Of course we hung out with many more of you, but turns out I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, and often forgot my camera.And my sister, (and a few others of you out there too) always convinces me to use her camera when we are together, so I don’t even have one shot of our time with them out in California!  (Maybe she’ll email me a few and I can post them??) I guess I was just too busy enjoying the company and seeing those familiar and loving faces! And even though it doesn’t look like it, Brandon was indeed home with me! He does get pretty annoyed with my incessant photo taking, so I let him off the hook this visit-guess I’ll just have to make up for it later!

2 thoughts on “Ah, time back in California.

  1. Jessica, My heart is just overwhelmed to see you with your friends and your mom and brother and Brandon’s family. You look so happy!!!! I know your friends share your love of the lord and that is what makes it so beautful to me. Uncle Ron and Aunt Paula

  2. It was wonderful seeing you guys as well. I will definitely email you the few pictures I took so that you can feel like you have a few more pics! Gosh I miss you already!

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