The new drill rig.

Today was a big day.

Several of you were praying over this day, and it was obvious. Today we got the new drill rig for Living Water cleared out of customs. The Lord did a might work in a) getting the rig all the way here from Texas in one piece, b) it cleared customs and in fact was never even opened by them because the correct paper work was done to have an official inspection done in TX -which was a total pain but worked out in the end, c) we got out paying ‘minimal’ fees-still a lot-but about a quarter of what they asked for!! d.) it was safety transferred from the docks to our house along with all the other materials in the container. So, thank you for praying over this rig. How exciting to think we’ll be able to provide clean water to communities that don’t have any.

Brandon driving the new rig in, it's all set up on a trailer.
Isn't she beautiful?? I don't know how any of it works-yet-but we are both pretty excited!
Brandon was pretty excited to check it out, as was Todd too. They were such boys gawking over all the machinery, engines, hoses, and other boy stuff.
LWI even shipped in shiny new matching hard hats.. the boys loved em!

Every time I came out from the house the rest of that day, they were just standing around it, staring at it. I think it’s pretty cool and all, but the excitement levels are much different between us. I’m excited like I love the thought of bringing people clean water who don’t have any right now. Brandon is excited for those exact same reasons, but in addition he gets to work with a big machine getting dirty and working hard.

4 thoughts on “The new drill rig.

  1. Brandon must be in heaven! Dont think I have seen him smile so big for a photo! Boys and their toys!! Thank you dear Lord for the clean water these tools will bring!!
    Love you both,
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Is that WHITE I see on the outside of the house? It positively beautiful!!! Did Claude stick it out? I’ll tell you, I miss you guys so bad it hurts sometimes. I would come again in a minute. Now, post some pictures of the rooms with furniture! I can’t wait to see them. I’m glad you got the nice stuff. You deserve it and don’t think twice about it! You’re a blessing and you can also BE blessed!
    Love you guys, Charl

  3. so, so fun and such an amazing feat getting it there. God is good. Can’t wait to see Bran in action with that thing!

  4. Brandon & Jessica – We were SO EXCITED to hear the new rig was delivered and to be able to see the pictures!! Here in the Liquid Church office we all took a moment to thank God for bringing us to this moment. Our team is looking forward to meeting you and working side by side with you in His name to bring clean water to Haiti in October.
    Janet Saulter-Hemmer
    & The Liquid Water Team
    Morristown, NJ

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