Todd is here!

Todd is here for a visit. And we are pretty excited about it!!  He actually came to Haiti almost a year ago, when we were living in Port de Paix. He helped to install the kitchen and all the electrical when we worked for OTB, and he sure did a lot of work. He came last June, when we had just moved into our new place, and had to rough it. Since we had just moved in, we didn’t have constant power, our stove didn’t work, and he even put together his own bed. But, he is such a good sport, and so fun to be around, that he didn’t care about any of that stuff. In fact, in spite of all that, he loved Haiti and the whole experience of it. He loved helping to set up the kitchen for OTB, and to be a part of what was going on in the ministry.

When we were home last month, we ran into him at church. We updated him on Living Water and what was going on. When he found out that we were moving into a new place, and needed some help fixing it up, specifically with all the electrical stuff, he told us he wanted to come and help out. And wouldn’t you know it, that was barely over a month ago, and he is here now!! He had to finish up a few jobs at home, and get everything worked out and squared away with his family… and within just barely three weeks he booked his tickets here! And he arrived last Monday and will be here for almost two weeks. YA! We are so thankful for the help, and the good company!!

Todd brought this teeny tiny little suitcase so he could bring an entire checked bag for us full of goodies for us!!
We put him right to work installing fans
The next day we took Todd to the beautiful Croissant bakery, of course he loved it!
I ordered the yummy chocolate filled croissant..I love it!

Later in the week I took him to the two indoor, very small grocery stores that we have. But when he said he wanted to see the markets, that was’t what he had in mind… he wanted to see the outdoor market. The crazy outdoor market-not like the simple and pretty outdoor farmers market in Southern California-and so we went. He loved every minute of it. We to where all the food is, and of course Todd wanted to see the meat. The meat section is my very least favorite part, in fact, it makes me want to go back to my vegetarian days. It is awful, with piles of body parts all over the place, juices running everywhere, and flies like you wouldn’t believe. So, I waited in the corner by the veggies while Todd made his way all through the stalls. He was a happy camper.

At one of the markets he found a package of cookies that was the name of his daughter-Annika! How cute is that!

One thought on “Todd is here!

  1. Bless Todd’s heart for humoring you with all your pictures! He looks genuinely excited about his Croissant! What a hard worker- priceless gift to the two of you.

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