Meeting time.

We all met in Port au Prince. The CEO-Mike- and the VP-Sam, our new boss over Haiti and the Americas-Wisley, and the Program Excellence Director-Brad, and Jim and Jody-who used to oversee all operations in Haiti-all flew in from the states.  Plus each couple/person from each region was there too. We came down from Cap Haitian, there is a couple living and working right here in Port au Prince, Dennis and Jennifer, and then Albert and Jack who work in Leagone.  We were all there to discuss Living Water and the strategy we want to implement for Haiti. Living Water has a great five year strategy, and as we continue to work in Haiti, we have all been wanting to know how to break that strategy down into bit size pieces. We were together three days, with non-stop meeting and talking. In the end, everyone felt more directed and even more excited about the future plans for LWI in Haiti. It was a good time of coming together and fellowship.
The whole gang! Left to right front row:Me, Brad, Dennis, Albert, Jennifer, Sam and Jim- the back row left to right:Wisley, Brandon, Jack, Mike.






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