Back in touch with the world.

Strange how disconnected you feel from life when you have no access to the internet. It was nice for the first day, not worrying about checking email and getting work done. But three days later I found myself turning on my computer only to realize there isn’t a whole lot to use it for when you don’t have internet-unless of course you’re in school, and thankfully those days are over.

We are officially all moved in. We have running water, power, electricity, internet…the whole shabang! We’ve now spent four nights in the new place. I have to admit something, now that we are moved in, I have actually been dreading this move. And the underlying reason? Simply, the change. I normally love change, look forward to it, thrive off of it-and so does Brandon. Except for some reason, I was dreading moving into this new house. I think it was a combination of things: a new neighborhood with new new people, the house was super dark and creepy, and a few other reasons.

So, after having moved in and been here only a few days,  I am rather pleased to report that the new house is much better than I thought it would be! We are just getting to know the neighbors, the house looks amazing with paint all over it, and we have tons of fruit trees and amazing lushness outside our place. I already have a few favorite spots and I will show you later.

Here are some photos of the finishing touches being done to the house…

Three Haitian guys worked non stop for an entire month making all the bars for the house-36 windows,and 7 doors- and this is them hanging them up. They did such an amazing job!! (And yes, that is fresh paint on the outside too!!)
This is Nasso-the boss-who worked so hard, was very sweet, and always had a smile on his face!
This guy was pretty quiet, but did a great job.

So, I have been having way too much fun mixing paint! I used to love painting, until I painted our old house in Fallbrook, all 1600 square feet, two coats, all by myself. It did look amazing when it was done, but it was a ton of work. This house has been so much work too, but the fun part has been mixing fun colors, and seeing the amazing instant results But, sometimes I do get a bit carried away. For example, I painted all the bathrooms yellow, just to keep things simple. But, I didn’t love the yellow in the downstairs baths, so I lightened it a bit for upstairs. Then, after I mixed a great green aqua color for another room, I decided I wanted that in the bathroom instead! So, I compromised and just did two walls the fun green. It was kind of like back tracking, but well worth it!

The new pretty aqua green it!!!


5 thoughts on “Back in touch with the world.

  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! That doesn’t look anything like the house we saw back in July. Can’t wait to see it in person, again! 🙂

  2. That is beautiful … looks like a Five Star Resort. What a transformation, your painting skills Jessica, along with Todd and Brandon’s construction know how, have transformed a building into your home. Furniture and your decorative touches along with the love demonstrated by you two, make this house a “home away from home.” I hope the neighbors realize how lucky they are to have you guys move into their neighborhood. Keep the pictures coming, you know the old saying … “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With the cat, the sticky pads, and just having activity on the property, the assorted wild life may decide to move onto some more receptive living quarters. The work done by Nasso and his crew is First Class. God bless you and Brandon, and know that your loved ones in the States, are thinking and praying over you every day. So glad to have you back on line … we missed your sharing about your daily lives.
    Love ya, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. I love the color but now what color is the bedroom? We need pictures with the furniture….Is that Claude I see painting on the outside? I have thought of him so many times. Please tell him HELLO from me.
    Praying for you. You’re very brave=that spider is one made for movies.

  4. So glad you are back . . . everything is looking beautiful! I am imagining you and Bran enjoying a cup of coffee this morning out on your amazing veranda satisfied with all the hard work you poored into this house. I can’t wait to hear about the lives that come through the doors . . .

  5. I sure do love your comments!

    Alan, I love that you are coming back! You won’t even recognize the place! Grandpa, I am with you, picture are way easier than trying to explain everything, so glad you are enjoying them! Charl, you would be so proud of me mixing all by myself! It’s not as fun without you though, just me all by my lonesome mixing and staring at a swatch on the wall! I will tell Claude hello-he did the whole outside and did such a great job! Sister, yes, the veranda’s are our favorite part!

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