Thank you.

It’s easy to forget to say thank you. Someone gives you a piece of gum, or lets you cut in front of them, or gives you a gift, or helps you with a chore-you of course are thankful-but do we always say it? And really, when you do something nice for a friend or a stranger, don’t you just love it when they turn to you and say thank you?

I think it’s the same with God. How often in life do we forget to thank Him? I know I do, more than I realize or would care to admit. Sometimes I don’t even see a blessing for what it is because I can be so caught up in myself that I think I did it.  And that is the worst.

I think I may have shared already that I secretly-okay maybe not so secretely-have been dreading moving into this new house. The reasons are not important enough to list, but some were legit and some were lame. And because of that, I have not allowed myself to stop and look at this new place objectively. This house is large-embarrasingly huge-and therefore I feel a little guilty. Yes it is completely necessary because we do house teams here and we need the land for our containers and supplies. In addition to the fact that it’s a steal for a place so big with property.

My point being I was gently reminded by a dear friend that the Lord does indeed want to bless us in our lives. And when he does bless us, we can’t forget to thank Him for them. Seems simple right? But like I said before, I can sometimes forget to thank Him for the blessing He graciously showers on me. And this house feels like a blessing. Ever since I’ve allowed myself to see it as such, I find my attitude and perspective has changed. As I’m enjoying little and big things around this house, I am now able to thank the Lord openly and genuinely for His blessings. I am so grateful to that friend, who through sharing her life experiences about blessings and thankfulness, allowed my eyes to be opened anew to the blessings of the Lord. And I am wandering around this new place with a new perspective-and a heart full of thanksgiving.

And so I’d like you to see for yourself some of our real life blessing in the form of vegetation…



These are grapefruit trees-almost a dozen of them!!
Banana's hanging right outside !
A beautiful garden in the making....(it actually has a chance of producing things because I'm not in charge of it!!
This is a breadfruit tree. You can make flour from breadfruit, did you know that?
This is a cherry fun is that? It looks small to produce fruit just yet, but we'll see...
We can't figure this one out-and no one knows what it is. The man who owns this land is married to a Jamaican woman-so he said it's some Jamaican fruit-can't wait to see what it is!!


A small mango tree that will grow up soon.
I think this is my favorite's half citrus and half grenadine. (like a passion fruit) it's fruit makes the best juice in the world!

2 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. So, so wonderful sweet sister! I can hardly believe you have all those fruit trees right outside your door! Truly a lot to be thankful for- thanks for the reminder to give Him thanks.

  2. Six days God labored, and on the seventh, he rested. You and Brandon have put in your “six days”, and it is now time to “rest a spell”.
    I’m intrigued by the thought of a Plantation in Haiti. I expect to see a Horse drawn Carriage, pull up out front, and a man w/ a Top Hat offer you his hand as you step down from your coach. In the background one can hear soft music wafting over the Plantation. Adam and Eve blew it in their Garden of Eden. Brandon and Jessica have turned the bleak into the beautiful. God knew exactly who he wanted to go to Haiti, the training he wanted you to have, and now the Peace and Quiet of your own little Island in the Sun. God bless you both, you certainly have earned your
    earthly reward, and what you forget at this moment, that this Plantation is a mere hovel compared to the Mansion he is preparing for you in Glory.
    Our love and prayers,
    Grandma and Grandpa

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