The new house.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. In that spirit, I am just going to shut my mouth and show you the transformation this house has taken.  I think we deserve the attention of Extreme Makeover if you ask me! This place went from creepy dark haunted house with varmints and critters a plenty, to clean and inviting with varmints and critters not as plenty.

Oh, one more thing, before I shut my mouth. I’m thinking of re-naming this place. I don’t when, why, or how it started, but I’m tired of the word compound. Almost every single person living in Haiti calls the place they are living in a compound, us included. I have no idea why really, and neither do they. Most of us would just call it that because, well, that is the name. It’s a loose term for the place you live, a place that has a few buildings, and a wall around it. It conjures up images of a rough prison yard. In fact, the most interesting part about it, is that no where in the definition of compound do you find something that describes a place of dwelling, a collection of buildings, or anything like that! Either way, I’m not a fan, and so I’m going to change it. I’m not sure what yet, I’ll let you know.

You will note that most of the photos here are of our little section-that is because everything else isn’t just perfect yet, so as we finish the rest of the house, I’ll put those pictures up.

The before of the front of the house...
The after.
The before of the balcony outside our little place...
The after. Don't you just want sit here with a glass of cold tea?

Welcome to our home.

In this gigantic house, we have designated a small area for ourselves. We have found, in our short tenure here, that a place to call home is essential. And after a year and half of living in Haiti- in a tent, in a compound with a school of 600 with a kitchen and other Haitian families, and then living in a small room with nothing but a short hallway between us and teams-we are so thankful for this place. It feels like an oasis, a get away spot, a provision directly from the Lord. He knew we could endure through those other places, and we are that much tougher for it,and more thankful for this beauty! But we also need a season of rest and a place to just ‘be’. In this house, we have our very own living room and bedroom, along with private balconies. We feel like the Lord has blessed us beyond what we could have dreamed of living here in Haiti.  Come on and take the tour, but leave your shoes off!

Looking into our house from the hallway...
Looking all the way to the left...
The before of the living room area looking straight from the door...
The after looking straight from the door.
Before of our living room looking to the right...
The after, looking to the right.
Looking towards the front door- check out that couch baby!!!
The before of our bathroom...
The after of the new bathroom.. complete with a new vanity too that Bob had shipped in!!
Our bedroom before shot looking at the entry door...
The after...Don't you just LOVE that color? It's by far my favorite. You can't tell, but it's this great aqua teal.
Before of our bedroom...
The after..the white inside that closet thing sure makes it less scary. And this is our first chance to hang up clothes..whoohooo!
I don't know what I love more here-the teal walls, the earring holder, or the yellow flowers- I love it all.
The before photo of the back porch of our little area...
The after. Don't you just LOVE those chairs?? A Haitian guy made them and did such an amazing job!! And would you check out that view?

There she is.. doesn’t it make you wanna come and visit??  🙂

9 thoughts on “The new house.

  1. This is where I meant to post this comment.

    Six days God labored, and on the seventh, he rested. You and Brandon have put in your “six days”, and it is now time to “rest a spell”.
    I’m intrigued by the thought of a Plantation in Haiti. I expect to see a Horse drawn Carriage, pull up out front, and a man w/ a Top Hat offer you his hand as you step down from your coach. In the background one can hear soft music wafting over the Plantation. Adam and Eve blew it in their Garden of Eden. Brandon and Jessica have turned the bleak into the beautiful. God knew exactly who he wanted to go to Haiti, the training he wanted you to have, and now the Peace and Quiet of your own little Island in the Sun. God bless you both, you certainly have earned your
    earthly reward, and what you forget at this moment, that this Plantation is a mere hovel compared to the Mansion he is preparing for you in Glory.
    Our love and prayers,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I keep looking back at these pics as I can hardly believe it is the same place! You guys did an amazing job! It is so so beautiful it DOES make me want to visit- but that desire is already ridiculously strong! So inviting, so tropical and lovely and where in the world did you find that earring holder?!

  3. Thanks everyone! Yes we are so enjoying having our own little space-wthin that large space! And no, that teal doesn’t keep us up, and I love it so much I wish I had painted our living room that color too! Sister-that earing holder was actually at Target! I’d been on the hunt for weeks-actually found a little one in the only cute home store in Cap, but it was $50!! And it was tiny! And we both know I have lots of dangy earings! 🙂

    And I decided not the name the place a plantation. Even though the definition technically works, it just sounds bad and has bad connotations too!

  4. Whoa! Talk about a nice place. You guys did such an amazing job (and in such a short time, we are quite impressed!) It is the perfect blend of colors that are bright and happy (yet still very homey). It is nice to see that you guys have a place of rest away from the “crazy” of Haiti & the demands of your job. I know you will still need to get out of Haiti every so often, but this place looks like it will help with the R & R. Sit out on that balcony & sip some delicious beverages for us! Maybe baby #2 will wear us out so much we will need to get away from the kids & go to the tropical destination of good ol’ Haiti! Just gotta find the $ to get there! Love you guys so much!

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