Lunch date.

So we met some new people. It’s always exciting to meet other expats in the area, and we’ve met a couple that runs an orphanage about 20 minutes from us. They are super sweet, and we’ve hung out a few times now. Their names are Nick and Nikki and they’ve been in Haiti about as long as us. (Brandon already set up a link to their blog on the right, under “friends in Haiti” they have a blog so you can check out what they do-pretty cool stuff.) Anyway, they were heading to the Dominican Republic to run a few errands and invited us along to join them. Unfortunetly, Brandon had to stay for a few meetings with our boss, but I managed to get out of them when I learned one of the errands they were running was going to the grocery store. I was in.

We left mid morning, and got the border in about an hour or so. The crossing was pretty easy, and once on the other side the first place we went was a little ‘target’. Okay, more like a 7-11 version, but still, they had lots of fun stuff. I found tupperware and hangers. Then we went to the hardware store-poor Brandon having to miss out on all that boy stuff. Then off to a yummy restaurant where I ordered faijitas and fresh squeezed lemonade. It was amazing. I don’t know if it was the tortillas or tasty flavored chicken, but man oh man I sure do miss Mexican food! Dominican food isn’t the exact same, but similar enough to get my fix. The funny part was that Nick and Nikki brought their computer so they could upload photos, update their computer and install some stuff, because the internet there is so fast! Cracks me up, the things we’ll do for good internet! I was just bummed I didn’t bring my computer! The grocery store was next, and that was pretty fun. It was a legit store where I stocked up on all the things we can’t find here like tortilla chips, yogurt, cheddar cheese, green olives, and other such delights.

Me and Nikki-we both ordered yummy drinks!
This is Nick. He is a lot like Brandon-with the fast internet his responsibly was to update their computer-while Nikki uploaded photos..cracks me up!
Just when I thought I was going overboard with my heaping cart, I turn around and these two each have their own! Okay, they were buying stuff for others too...
Yes..a real grocery cart. Packed to the brim baby!

Oh, and on our way out, we passed a fruit stand. They had apples and grapes. Real grapes! They were huge and beautiful! I bought a few grapes and about 15 apples..yum! What a fun day. Love that God provided new friends, loved going to the grocery store, loved eating food I miss so much, and experiencing something new in the Dominican.

4 thoughts on “Lunch date.

  1. Once again the “man upstairs” has done good by you. What a break to be able to drive an hour, and enjoy good food, good shopping, and most of all good friends. How neat that you guys have hooked up with Nick and Nickky. I’m sure that they must be as elated as you are to have found fellow Expats, with the same motivation, same ages, and most important, the love of God in their hearts. Truly you are blessed.
    Love ya,

  2. So great sweet sister! Sounds like a treasure trove of blessings at every possible angle (except for Bran- but he gets to enjoy all those good eats you brought back- yes?!) Thanks for sharing!

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