The kitchen.

As you know, we’ve been working non stop getting this house habitable and ready for teams. We are almost done with each of the rooms, and I thought I would show you a few more pictures. (More like my sister was wanting to see our kitchen, so she could picture where I spend most of my time, sweating my life away since it’s still pretty toasty!  And it’s here that I spend more time than I realize, making more meals than I ever have in all my married life since there is no such things as pre-made anything here! Almost everything is from scratch!)

Looking in the kitchen from the left to the right…

I loved the teal in our bedroom so much that I had to put it somewhere else too!
And we won't be needing those Culligan's any more with clean water right in our tap!!!!
So it's not like the soft touch roll in cabinets we left behind in our sweet custom make kitchen back in Fallbrook-BUT it's double the cabinet space I've had thus far in Haiti and I'm loving it!!
Apples. Straight from the DR-straight from WA in the good ol' US of A. !!
And what do you do with 12 green apples (beside eat them with peanut butter?) Make an apple crisp. It was heavenly. We even had it for breakfast the next morning too!! Thanks sister for the great recipe, it's always so good!!


2 thoughts on “The kitchen.

  1. yummy! what could be more American than hot apple pie(or crisp)!! you look so beautiful holding your masterpiece!
    Thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on.
    We love you.
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Yeah! I am delighted to finally see your kitchen! I love it! I do love the teal too- don’t be intimidated by Ryan’s comments! I also love that your outfit is matching your walls and kitchen towels- so fun! I am thinking of you as we make some apply things as well. I am so excited you were able to get some of your very own!

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