The Dominican.

The hotel lobby


We got away for a few days and went to the Dominica Republic. It was wonderful. Haiti is lacking in the extra circular activities department, and so even though we have a few days off here and there, finding fun things to do on those days off is another story. Plus, we love going to the DR because we feel ‘normal’…we can go out to fun restaurants, find ice creams stores, shop at the mall, (we even found a target type place!), even grocery shopping is a blast and we spent one afternoon walking down each and every isle touching all the delightful things we miss! Anyway, turns out you can get a great deal on places to stay in the Dominican during hurricane season!! And since we are right next door living through hurricane season it didn’t seem all that risky!

The hotel lobby-very Caribbean.
The lovely pools we lounged by
This fun chinese restaurant at the hotel
Look how handsome he is!
It was so fun to go out and get dressed up!
It was so lovely to just hang out on the beach.
And the Dominican has endless miles of beach...gorgeous white sands, crystal clear water too.


3 thoughts on “The Dominican.

  1. Even Jeus slipped away to the desert to clear his mind and communicate with his Heavenly Father. We all do our best work when our minds are renewed, bodies are ewsted and our souls are attune to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy your R&R … our love, prayers and devotion.
    Grandma and Grandpa Shuck

  2. Wow! That place looks amazing! I love that you are taking advantage of Hurricane season- always the bargain hunter! Not only does your husband look handsome, but you look stunning- what a lucky guy! Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures!

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