The first Liquid Church team.

Do you remember Liquid Church? I posted about them a few weeks back, because they are the church that donated the money for the drill rig. And the awesome part is, they got a team together to come down and visit too! It was pretty cool to go out and drill the first well in the community with the church that gave the money for the rig.

They were here almost two weeks ago now, but seeing as how I had malaria and was in bed for almost two weeks, I am just now getting to post the photos. Don’t worry, I think I am all healed up! Still tired and pathetically weak, but no longer stuck in bed! Praise the Lord!!

Liquid Church is pretty similar to our home church, North Coast Church, in that they are a few churches rolled into one as well. They have three campuses, that are each about twenty minutes from each other, and do satellite feed from the main campus of the head pastors. And then each campus is like it’s own church, with it’s own pastor, congregation, feel and style. Just like North Coast with Carlsbad (the venue we go to that stands behind us) and Fallbrook (the cute one that we used to live next to). Anyway, just wanted you to know how similar they are to our own church, and how fun it was to have them along!

So we decided to have them drill at a school/church. We are hoping to make up a contract with a large organization of Christian Baptist schools. They have over 200 Christian schools all across Haiti, and our hope was that we could drill in several of their locations. We want to drill in both churches and schools, and the schools are great for when teams come to visit so they can interact with the children. The one that we found for this team was Eglise Baptist Eureka of Pilette. They are a humble school that has no school building yet, but meets in the church for now. It’s partitioned off into little classes (think one room classrooms back in the day) and there are six classes with six teachers. They have about 120 kids, and the school is a primary school. This school is for the kids in the area that can’t afford national school. And the crazy part is, national school is only about $10 US a year. (plus uniforms, books, etc).

So, we were happy to come alongside them and provide a clean water source. The closest pump was about a half mile away. They sometimes used a hand dug open well out back, but it doesn’t produce a whole lot of water, and isn’t good for drinking.

Pictures tell a great story, so here is the week summed up in some fun photos…

The church/school.
Brandon has some serious skills-he's backing the huge truck and rig into a tiny spot just past the pastors house
A man from the community dug these two holes that we need while using the rig.
A little man power was needed to position the rig to the right spot. Jeff, Mark and Tom helped out.
We circled up to pray before we began-with both the American team and the leaders from the church and some of the teachers of the school. Pictured are: Jeff, Tom, Clenel, Brandon,Amery, kids from the school
One professor, the pastors wife, Celina, Mark, Ester, Janet, Rebecca.
Same kids from the school, Ivenor (our amazing translator), the pastor, three teachers, and our community engagement guy Ronald.
We immediately dove into work! Half the team started on the drill rig, and the other half gathered up the kids, one class at time, for Bible stories and crafts. Janet, Mark and Esther were totally into it-as was Ivenor!
After the Bible lesson, the kids made their own fishes out of paper plates. They loved it!
The pastors wife loved watching too-she was in charge of the littlest kids. And she randomly would make us bread, bring us treats, and just loved on us. It was such a delight to work with her.
The other half got started on the rig-and didn't waste anytime getting dirty! These two, Rebecca and Jeff, are feeling through the mud to see what kind of formations we are in under the ground. A very important job!
A photo of the process. The rig uses mud from those pits to force down into the hole and break up the dirt and small rocks to dig down. Then the gravel, sand, rocks come up and the teams sifts through them to determine what material we are drilling through.

MORE photos coming…..

5 thoughts on “The first Liquid Church team.

  1. Great pics sister! Thanks for sharing the details of this school and community that is affected by LWI’s work. Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. That’s what I call Christian Love in action. It’s one thing to sit in our comfortable homes, and give to organizations that are on the ground doing God’s will, it’s another thing to be part of the “on the ground” team that turns talk into action. What a blessing to that Church and School.
    They will now have clean water on site, thanks to the dedication of loving Christians like the team and you and Brandon. God bless and protect you as you harvest souls for Jesus, and the wonderful Church for their commitment to spreading the Gospel.

  3. Brandon & Jessica!

    Hi! My name is Rich . . . and I’m a part of the team at Liquid. Thanks so much for hosting our church. They’ve loved (LOVED!) working with you guys. Thank you for everything.

    I hope we can return the hospitality some time . . . we’d love to have you guys up to Jersey some time!

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to help!


  4. So great to see your amazing work. We are praying for you Brandon and Jessica. May you have many blessings from being there in Haiti. You can’t have crazy cool lives lived for the Lord and live a boring life at the same time. Clearly you see that first hand 🙂

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