and the extra guest…

I forgot to tell you that the poor second liquid church team had a few uninvited visitors too. We found and killed three large spiders while the first team was here. In fact, check out this story…

I went upstairs after getting home one day with the team. I went to shut our door and right behind it was a giant spider. I remained fairly calm, considering,and ran downstairs yelling for Brandon. But turns out he was outside and the panic in my voice got worse. One of the team guys, Jeff, asked if he could help with anything. In fact, his direct quote was, “Is there something I can help you with? Because you are calling your husband in that high pitched panic voice my wife sometimes uses when she’s freaked out.” I paused to laugh and breathed a sigh of relief. Because even though I pride myself on killing all sorts of nasty bugs here, I haven’t been able to kill these beasts yet. If I’m forced-like I”m home alone and it’s him v.s me- of course I will I step up and rid Haiti of one less hairy legged monster. Until then, I am perfectly okay with being the damsel in distress and asking for help! So Jeff followed me upstairs along with a  few other curious people. I grabbed the best spider killing instrument-the broom. You can’t use a shoe for these things. Using a shoe would require getting way too close, and you have to use the right broom otherwise they just grab the bristles and swing back at you. So Jeff assumed the position, wound up and smacked him good. He scriveled up into a ball and Jeff turned to me with a satisfied face. However, myself and Dawn weren’t too sure. We voted for another at bat. They are too large to do anything but smash them to pieces. But Jeff thought once was enough-until he went in for a further inspection and wouldn’t you know his little leg twitched. Jeff grabbed the broom, handle first, and went for the glory. But the spider had the last laugh because as Jeff made contact black oozy stuff squirted on his arm! No lie. We all screamed out and Jeff calmly asked me to remove to black goo from his arm. I used a precious Clorox wipe, thinking that the bleach should kill whatever that stuff was, and Jeff was worth using a wipe on considering he did kill it and all. And now, weeks later, I can’t close that door without first checking behind it to see if any more of those things are lurking around.

So the second team didn’t get to see any of them that up close and personal. But the guys did find one outside while unloading the trucks. They took care of business and vowed not to tell the ladies-and I can totally support the ‘on a need to know’ theory when it comes to that! Except when downloading photos I found this photo…

His face says it all.

2 thoughts on “and the extra guest…

  1. OH MY GOSH! I would have freaked out too, and I’m not normally afraid of spiders. You’re awesome and brave!
    Love ya,

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