Second Liquid Church team.

They have come and gone. It’s been almost three weeks, and I’m just now getting to post some thoughts and photos. That malaria really put me behind, and I still am not caught up on all my random thoughts and musings that I love sharing with you! So for now, you’ll be getting information just a bit behind, and I am sorry about that. What I love about our blog is updating you on life as it happens here-so for now just pretend you are streaming a video with terrible internet and instead of a just a few seconds of a  delay-this is like a three week delay!

Not only was being sick terrible, but that also meant I was not able to participate in any other activities. And as such, I hardly went out with the team! It was killing me, but Dr. Stone had me under strict rules-and even though I felt better while they were here, I still got tired super easy and couldn’t risk not getting better. So typically, when a team is here, Brandon and I split up the team for the day. Brandon will take half and show them how to drill, how the rig works, and they work on getting the church/school/community clean water. While they are busy doing that, I take the other half of the team and  we interact with Haitians. We do Bible stories, hygiene lessons, visit homes in the community. Because even though people think they are coming down here to drill a well, that isn’t the only thing they are doing!  And that is why Brandon and I make a good team. Brandon is in charge of the logistics and everything involved with that, I am making sure that they don’t just remember the hole they drilled in the ground, but the people they served and helped too.

The team all squished in the back of the truck.
A sea of yellow! The kids were so excited that the team wasn't just there to drill-they played games with them, did Bible stories and simply loved on them!
Christy doing a Bible study lesson for the kids.
The team praying over the hole after they finished drilling.
Norm, Alice, Christy, Brett and Greg
Doing devos out on the balcony in the morning... what a great time of gathering together before the craziness of the day!
The whole gang! And with the director of the school-and our amazing translator Ivenor!
Praying and sharing with the community before they's always hard to say goodbye.

It was super fun to have another group from the same church come and visit. As always, it was so nice to sit and chat with them and hear their hearts-for serving, missions and even Haiti. The cool part is that this church has already planned another trip sometime in the spring. We are amazed at the passion they have for the Lord, for sharing the gospel, and for giving people something so needed and so simple-clean water.

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