In other news…

We got a puppy!!!

We love dogs. We just do. Some people are cat people, others dog people. I don’t really understand you cat peeps-sorry I just don’t!-but we had to make a decision. It was cats or rats. So, we chose cats.  And while we  have a pet, she is no dog. Yes, she might follow us all around the house or even beg during meal time, but she is still a cat. And cats just don’t hold a place in our hearts the way a dogs do. Oh, except for the other day when I found a huge rat tail and the top of a rat on our doorway-she earned a quite few love points then.

Yes, that is my flip flop just so you can see how big that beast was.
The kittens-rat killers in training !

Penelope nuzzled right into my heart from the beginning- the car ride. We had to drive to Port au Prince to get her. A friend of ours, Melissa, is working for a great organization down there, called Heartline. There is actually a link on your right, if you wanna check them out-click on women’s programs to find the part about making purses and jewelry.  This particular program is called Haitian Creations-crafting beauty, giving hope. And while we were down there, we grabbed a whole bag of purses and necklaces to sell at our house when we have teams. I’m SO pumped. I’ve already bought a bag and some earrings for myself! I just can’t help it-they are so cute and the proceeds go directly to them and to support that ministry and other ministries that Heartline offers!!! Talk about empowering.

One of my favorite spots in Haiti.
The drive to Port au Prince
Isn’t that so beautiful?
Necklaces and earrings-and they come with cute home made bags too!
My favorite part? Each item for sale has the name, photo, and a write up of the woman who made that particular item. What a unique and special thing.

And while we were there, we got to hang out with Melissa.  Not only was it so fun to just see her and catch up, but we also went out to this fancy restaurant! It had twinkly lights and water fountains and the food was Mediterranean! What the heck? We sure don’t like the crazy hustle and bustle of Port au Prince, but finding gems like that, and visiting their grocery stores were I found wraps, feta and apples-was so fun.

We got all dressed up to go out on the town!
Good food, great company!

Oh right, back to the car ride. It was a jostling event, for Penelope and us. (yes, I renamed her!) She was such champ. I sat in the back with her, trying to calm her down since she was pretty freaked out. But she did great, and just laid her head in my lap the whole time. And only yacked once-not on me thankfully- but I did move to the front after that.

Penelope and me bumping around in the back seat!

I’d say she’s adjusting well. Sometimes we forget that she a puppy, seeing as how she is already about 85 pounds. She looks like a great dane, because she is tall and hasn’t filled in yet. Her dad and mom both are pushing about 200 pounds. Can’t wait.

Isn't she beautiful?

4 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. The bag and jewelry are so cute/pretty, but Penelope outshines it all. Way too adorable and she knows how to pose for a photo.
    Not much of a cat person either, but kittens are always cute.

    Question from Laura: when a puppy weighs 85 pounds at 6 months what do the droppings weigh? Almost sounds like a math problem.


  2. Love Penelope and the two kittens. I used to be a cat person but after taking care of my Aunt Millie’s dogs, I came to love them. The rats have to go, though and cats will do the best job of ridding your home. Did Marva and Dennis arrive? Love the jewelry… pieces!
    Beautiful scenery.
    Hugs, Cindy Beauchamp

  3. Dogs, cats and jewelery oh my!! I love them all, just need to add some shoes to the mix and it would be pretty much perfect.(smile)
    Love you SO much!!
    Aunt Kathy

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