Mom and Dad Stone here for a visit !!

Brandon’s parents are here for a visit! They have wanted to come since we moved here, and now they are here! We get them for almost two weeks, and are so excited to show them around. They flew in Monday, and we hit the ground running. The went out with us on a long bumpy ride to check on three wells that had been drilled. They were jostling around in the back, but loving seeing and experiencing Haiti first hand!

There are here! In our house!!
Mom brought some toys for Penelope! How sweet is that?? Of course now Penelope loves her!
Already at work drilling and using our hard hats.
Dad was ready to get in and get his hands dirty.
Dad and I playing around
I had to try braiding her hair..and of course she thought it was hilarious! I did it, which impressed her, but not nearly as fast as her friend!
This little girl was so adorable-but she wouldn't smile! Finally, her dad started singing so she started dancing and laughing.
Mom got to experience the bomb rush of kids...she opened her car door to leave and they all just stood there and smiled at her. She thought it was pretty funny!

They also happened to have their anniversary the second day they were here! Thirty one years of marriage! And we got the celebrate with them! We made a yummy dinner and ate by candlelight. Romanic? Yes minus the fact that your kids are there! But definitely a unique anniversary experience!

We had a special little anniversary dinner. It was fun to celebrate together with them.
Manette made her famous spiked fruit punch...special for their anniversary!



4 thoughts on “Mom and Dad Stone here for a visit !!

  1. Hello to Marva and Dennis! You all look so joyful, nothing like having a visit from your Mom and Dad!! May the Lord richly bless your time together.
    Love you to the moon and back.
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Hi Rachel and Brandon, How wonderful that Brandon’s parents came to visit. Seeing their pictures, it was like getting to meet part of the family. I hope to meet them some time in person. They must be terrific people to have raised a son like Brandon. You guys bless our hearts over and over again. Last week I waved to a little girl, she was about two years old and was with her mother, she waved back to me and when I waved again, she blew me four kisses. If melted my heart and I’ve thought about it many, many times. Seeing the little girl in the truck with you made me think about her. Love you so much. Uncle Ron and Aunt Paula

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