The weekend.

The weekend.

It was so nice to have a weekend to enjoy some special off time with mom and dad!  So we took them to some of our favorite hang out places. One is a beautiful beach about 45 minutes away, on a crazy mountain dirt road. They loved it. We sat by the beach, ordered tasty food, and enjoyed a restful day off. We also went to eat at one of the three restaurants we have in town. This one is actually a hotel and restaurant, and the food is really quite tasty. They branched out and tried the goat, a typical Haitian meal, and really enjoyed it!

At dinner!
The four of us enjoying tasty food. We ordered the beef in a tasty mushroom sauce. Yum !
Dad enjoying his spot in the shade, right on the clear Carribean ocean.

One thought on “The weekend.

  1. Hey guys!

    Looking forward to being with you in April. My wife (Christine) and I are coming on the next Liquid Church trip. Thanks for serving in Haiti! Looking forward to learning from you!


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