Plan B.

Brandon has a line he says pretty often, “We make plans here in Haiti, so we have something to change.” It’s true. Plan A is really just to get something on the books, have an outline or idea of what we want to try and do or accomplish. We usually settle in somewhere around Plan D.

So I guess, when we had to go to plan B with mom and dad here, that wasn’t that bad. But it still was a bummer. We had hoped to start drilling a well for an organization called Kids Alive. (You can find their link to your right if you would like more information about what they do). They are hoping to move onto some new property, as they are just finishing up the housing for their kids. But you  can’t really move into a new place without water, and that is what we are hoping to provide. But, as goes life here, we hit a bump in the road when a small piece broke on the drill rig. Turns out this small piece was pretty important -sorry, I still am not sure what it did!- and so we called the people who made the rig we have and got that special little piece overnighted! woohoo! It still took a few days, but we got in on Thursday, the last day that Brandon’s parents were here. So, the good news? We got the part and rig is ready to go now. The bad news? Brandon’s dad didn’t get to drill with him, which he was really looking forward to.

So, plan B. Instead, he helped Brandon with the many tasks, both large and small, all around the house. Keeping up a large group home, complete with running water, power, and all the amenities sure is a lot of work. So dad helped Brandon with some of those odd jobs, and he also helped do some projects for me that Brandon just hasn’t had the time to do yet.

The fun part was while the boys went around fixing things, mom and I hung out. She got to see how my days are measured by the three meals I make for us. Cooking isn’t easy here, nor is it quick, and it was so nice to have another set of hands helping me out! She got a kick out of hanging clothes out on the line, on the roof, saying how she thought that was the first time she had done that in her whole life! Well, I guess that was me too before I moved here, now it just feels normal! We went grocery shopping, and we visited other friends who live close by to see what they are doing here too. It was so nice to sit and chat together, and we soaked up every minute of it.

Dad helping Brandon put a larger pipe so the water can come out faster when we drill.
Brandon had to get inside of the hot, huge water tank. Nasty.
That task was so much easier with dad there to help out!
I showed mom my garden...isn't it pretty ??
Things are growing! I usually kill everything, but not this time-not yet anyway!
Mom and I spent lots of time bonding in the kitchen-making food! And Penelope loved sitting under the counter to watch -and wait for falling scraps!
Mom (and dad) got to meet Manette. She loved seeing Brandon's dad- she said they looked exactly the same!
Don't get me wrong, I didn't cook every night. Manette make some tasty Haitian dishes and they loved them! I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love Manette's cooking!
Dad put up hooks in the downstairs guest living room. So we could display the things made by the women at Heartline.
The beautiful purses now have a beautiful display.. thanks dad!


Look how perfect those little hooks are for displaying those pretty necklaces!!
I'm PUMPED.. look how cute it all looks! Just click on Heartline Ministires to your right if you too would like to order a bag or jewelry hand crafted by Haitian ladies!


2 thoughts on “Plan B.

  1. Jessica, Love the in depth description of daily life in Haiti. Looking forward to hearing details of Dennis & Marva’s trip from their perspective. Thanks for taking good care of them. Oh that baby goat you and Marva held was soooooo cute. Not the cow, though :).

  2. I’m so glad they got the water tank fixed. It drove me nuts how badly it was leaking.

    Thanks for posting so much, and for all the pictures. I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! You’re and encouragement to all of us here!

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