Well, it came and went, in one short day. But is it possible to feel changed? I don’t feel older per say -thank goodness you don’t just automatically get another wrinkle, back ache, or new problem with each birthday-but I do feel different. I have to admit, the day didn’t start off good. Despite the cute surroundings- mom and dad brought balloons and streamers-and they, including Brandon,decorated. But, I was still feeling moody about turning thirty. On the one hand, it sounds old, and I am not ready to see myself as that age. But I wonder, do you ever see yourself as the age you are? You hear older people saying how they look in the mirror only to be surprised at the person staring back at them. I would image that to be very true. And thirty,to me, always seemed like this far way age that I would reach- eventually. Hmm. But eventually is here. And about halfway through the morning I decided I have a choice. I can choose: a). to be in denial about turning 30, b). be bummed and pathetic and mourn the loss of my twenties, or c). embraced it. Most things in life we certainly cannot control, but we can control how we react to them. So, I chose to react with excitement. Okay, not completely true.  I’m not quite ready for excitement, just yet. But I am ready to embrace thirty, and that is big step for me.

I would think by age thirty, people might start to take you more seriously. And so, might I be entering into a decade where people don’t just ride me off as a young person who doesn’t know what the heck I am talking about? Is that because by thirty, people have experienced some life? Perhaps it’s this magical place where you have earned some life salt, and maybe even some wisdom, but you are not bogged down or cumbered with an aging body. Sounds like a pretty good combination to me.  I guess we’ll see…

And so, to carry on traditions-of which I am a huge fan-I was hoping to go all out for my birthday. The day was delightful, and so fun to celebrate with family, even though we are so far away from all that is familiar! The day started with Brandon making my favorite-french toast-for breakfast.  Mom and dad helped make my second favorite thing for lunch-pizza. We had that along with a present opening extravaganza! It was so so so fun.  That was followed by tasty enchiladas made by mom and dad, and they even brought in brownie mixed and they all sang happy birthday! What a fun day! And a special and unique celebration of 30. If you would ask me where I thought I would be celebrating my 30th birthday-never in a million years would I have said Haiti. Crazy! Certainly one I’ll never forget!

Yummy French Toast that Brandon made, on cute plates mom brought in !!
Brandon doing his best to endure my photo taking-a birthday request!
Fun stuff from my mom! She too loves birthdays and spoiled me with so many fun goodies-house things, photos, movie night fixings...the works !!
Darcy sent some very cute girly things-loved it !
And Suzie-my third mom-sent all the fixings to do my nails!
And mom and dad brought such cute presents-all wrapped up so lovely! They spoil me !!
Check out those babies !! It's the first time I've gotten flowers in Haiti-and it was no easy task for Brandon to find them, but he was on a mission! Aren't they lovely?
My sister, another fellow birthday lover, sent me an ice cream maker. That's right. I can now make all sorts of cool tasty treats-and in that cute little apron too !! And she thoughtfully packed me all the fixings to make a few of my favorite flavors-including chocolate malted crunch! (you know, the one from Rite Aid!!)
Kelly sent as assortment of fun things-including comfy sleep ware!
The theme for this birthday-half aprons. And oh my goodness, I got the cutest ones! Cathy sent me a lovely one too, along with some fun kitchen things too!
My sister in law even MADE me one! Cortney is so talented !!
Happy Birthday to me...what a present to have them here on my birthday !!
And Jule sent me all my favorites-which I hate to admit but I could only share a few Reeses' Pieces with Brandon-and normally I am such a good sharer!
My bother and new fiancé (YAY!) Ashely sent some tasty candles and oh so cute tanks!
My sweet cousin Elizabeth sent such a girly surprise-my favorite-a bar of soap that smells up the whole room! And her mom sent some fun girly magazines too! Love to feel connected to the world !
A super cute homemade card made with love by grandma! Filled with fun birthday goodies too !
MORE aprons! Is that a skirt-nope-a oh so cute apron from Byrd ! And a great cookbook that goes back to everything from scratch-which is what i have to do here!
Mom and dad made dinner! Enchiladas-another most favorite of mine! They were so so tasty!
Enjoying my 30 dinner with mom and dad and Brandon-so lovely ! And of course mom thought of everything-down to a cute tablecloth too!
AND chocolate! Mom made brownies! And brought candles too!
And Penelope got in on the celebrations too-she loved playing with the balloons and would just bop them with her nose-it was hilarious.

To keep the birthday celebrations going, we went out with some friends the next night too! We had a great time hanging out, and we even had ice cream-yum!

The whole gang at LaKay.
Nick and Nikki with their son Eventz.
Adam and Mataja!


And Hunter and Jillian
And Tabitha!-both her and Brandon were pretty excited about ice cream too!
YAY for ice cream !!!!

5 thoughts on “30.

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the OVER THIRTY CLUB!(~_~)!
    Enjoy each day/year God blesses you with.
    Love & prayers,
    jerry & Mary Ann <<

  2. Happy 30th Jessica, you are so cute….you will be forever young, you have that passion and excitement for life. Here’s a big Birthday hug from us (hug).
    Love you, Aunty Kathy

  3. Laura thinks you look “way younger” than 30!
    Sounds like you had all the fixin’s for a terrific birthday. . .junk food, favorite meals, family and friends and oh yeah. . .great presents.
    Happy Birthday Jessica

  4. You are blessed! Here is the quote Ryan gave me on my 30th, “The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams, the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” -Hervey Allen

    Embrace it!

  5. “au contraire”, Some old folks live in the world of regrets. On the other side of the coin, Grandma and I look back with fond memories of raising our family, watching them move on as adults, then thoroughly enjoying bonding with our grand kids and great grand kids. Our lives are now so much more exciting as we are the recipients of everyone’s love and understanding of our physical infirmities. While our 77 year old bodys may show signs of wear, our minds are still keen and we thrill at the new things we are able to learn, such as our iphone4s, computers, skyping,
    texting, digital photography and on and on. Those in which we have invested our lives, have all repaid beyond our wildest dreams by sharing their lives, loves, interests, problems, and dreams with us. We thank our God for allowing us to start our lives together early, which has enabled us to be part of a vibrant extended family. We have no regrets, only appreciation for what we have, the ability to share, and God’s love and safekeeping over the years. God bless you and Brandon in your work for his people in Haiti. You are laying up for yourselves treasures in Heaven where neither rust doth not corrupt and where thieves do not break thru and steal. Your blessings are priceless, the lives you impact Will raise up some day and call you blessed. Amen and Amen

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