Liquid Church-round three!

There are some ‘church’ words/terminology/phrases that are just plain strange. But when you have grown up in the church or been going for a few years, you don’t seem to notice anymore. That doesn’t mean it’s not strange, only that when you talk about it some people are probably thinking, ‘what in heck are you talking about?’

The church body or the body of Christ.

If you are not ‘churched’ this would probably sound very strange to you. And even more so than how is sounds is trying to explain it. This is how I interpret the Bible to talk about it: The church is like a body, we each have different parts. Just like you can’t have a working body with no head, no heart, no lungs, etc-each part of the body is very important. And if you are the head of a body, you can’t go around telling your legs, heart, arms that the job they do isn’t as important. All parts are needed for the body to function, work, and thrive. Sure you can function without some parts, you can get the job done with maybe one hand, no legs, even one kidney. But if you could choose, wouldn’t you want a body with all the parts, in working order?

And so what baffles me, is that this concept of the body of Christ doesn’t just exist within a ‘church’…it’s something that happens no matter where you are. You have a “church” and that specific church is made up of all the different body parts-all the people from the church have different functions and roles that should properly work together to make a functioning body.

That fact alone amazes me.

But then you throw in things like having a body of christ with people from other cultures and backgrounds, some that don’t even speak the same language as you do. And that is a beautiful thing to experience people who can look past their own agendas and what they are doing to realize in the grand scheme of things, anyone who believes in Jesus is part of the larger ‘body of christ.’

What I’m trying to get at -I know, sometimes it takes me a while to spit it out-is that one cool facet of living here is experiencing and being a part of the body of Christ-not just the larger Haitian body of Christ, but the larger American body of Christ. Because of our job, we have lots of teams that come to visit, all from different churches, denominations, backgrounds, everything. But the bottom line is, we are still the body of Christ.

This particular team reminded me of that fact. One main reason is that this is the third team that has come down to Haiti from the same church, Liquid Church in New Jersey. I’ve shared before in past blogs about this church, and why they hold a special place in our hearts. (Hint: they are passionate about the Lord, clean water, and they bring us-(and Penny) treats every single time!!) Each team that has come has been comprised of different people, but the theme is still the same: We are in this thing together. And I’ve got to think there are a few reasons behind that. First, they really do understand the concept of being the body of Christ, and how we both need each other to accomplish anything. Secondly, Liquid Church has played such a huge role in the work we are doing in Haiti-and specifically the North, that we are,as a whole, acting like the body of Christ. We have people praying, giving financially, shopping for goodies to keep the crazy missionary couple happy, people visiting to help do the work, people visiting to catch the vision and share with others, and people behind the scenes that no even knows what part they are-kind of like our lungs or heart-you obviously know they are  there, but you take for granted the ease at which it works and allows you to live!

Liquid isn’t an anomaly, there are many churches like them out there, and I love it. They did just come for another visit, bringing along some special visitors, and we had a great week with them. So here are some recaps from the week together.

I’m going to try something new too. These first set of photos are from a guys camera named Mike. He is such a sweet guy, and took some amazing photos. That was fun for me too, since I could just look through them and poach them at the end. Here is the week according to his camera-his perspective. And depending on how long it takes me to load, I’ll show you another perspective!

The beautiful church we went to on Sunday-the church where we drilled the well. Right outside the front door in fact !!
Bring it on! Me and Christine rocking it!Turns out we happened to have a professional jump roper ( she can reveal herself if she wants) She was amazing, and taught us some awesome things I didn't even know you could do with jump rope!!The best part? Busting it out with the girls in the community-they love jump rope and loved learning new tricks!!
This move was wicked awesome, Amy is real, real good! In the middle of jumping two ropes, you stop mid-jump and stand up in the middle-I was amazed!
Thats right. FOUR ropes, eight people. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
The first day of drilling-and what a great day it was! Left to right: Cleynel, Mike, Paul, Lynn, Linda, Erin, Christine,Ed, Brandon.
While the first group drilled, the other group hung out with the kids. We did Bible stories, games, and had a lot of fun doing it! (This is them teaching them, "touch a friends knee touch a knee next to ya..."!!)
In the afternoon we went and visited a few families the pastor set us up with. We ask him who we can visit, pray with, and encourage, and he takes us to their homes. It's a special time of visiting and sharing, and it always amazes me how willing Haitians are to let you in their home! In the states we'd be so mad that you didn't call first! ha
Simply walking around in the community is a spectacle!
Praying before we get started-a simple thing that reminds ourselves and the community that God is the one who finds the water-we're just His instruments.
In the afternoons we played with the kids from the community-which is fun when we drill since we are in the same place all week long and get to know each other a bit.
After Alex, Erin, Amy and Erin taught the kids to play 'duck duck goose' they had a dance party! woot woot
Ed and then Rich got a shot of mud right in the face! Part of the job boys, part of the job.
Rich got it good too-he's pry still finding mud in his ears! (Christine's photo!)
I about peed my pants. I love that he went for it, and he was pretty good even with heavy boots on!!
Rich got into too-these boys caught some serious air! Christine's photo
Mike jumping high, going big. (Christine's photo!)
This sweet girl volunteered to teach us a song in Creole.
The view from the tiny window in the church-I love this photo.
The goodies Janet and her behind the scenes helpers packed for us-oh man-it was pretty awesome!
A H.U.G.E thank you to Janet and the sweet folks at Liquid who continue to love on us and spoil us so much !!!
Penelope says thank you too !!
An unwelcome visitor just came strolling right in one morning! Ten points to Brad who killed him off!
Everyone signed the inside of the new head of the pump-that was pretty cool!
A muddy day is a good day!
Brandon explaining to the people-lots of kids- what is going on. We like to tell the whole community what is going on each day.
The guys in the community built the pad for the pump.
I loved this shot too, can you see all the different things going on?
The well dedication ceremony. The Lord provided water, and it was a celebration indeed!!
The ceremony was great-it was lead by our pastor on staff, and our community engagement facilitator spoke too. Also, the local mayor, and the pastor the church, the guy who constructed the cement pad, and Brandon spoke. It was awesome!
The whole team-they worked hard to get this church and community water!!
Love this shot-clean water is a beautiful thing.
Cultural/Free day-Citadel baby. Here we go !
All the ladies in front of the princess sign-yes, we are all princesses!!
Love it. Love it.
Downtown Cap

4 thoughts on “Liquid Church-round three!

  1. Love seeing the clean water. . . a true miracle and blessing. Can’t wait to learn some new jump rope moves. That Penelope is so darn cute. Sheri

  2. We are told to go into all the World and preach the gospel. How happy our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ must be as he looks over the balustrades of Heaven and watches what you and Brandon are doing on his behalf.
    God bless you, and the groups who come and not only minister to the community but also to you and Brandon.

  3. I was literally crying reading your comments and looking at the pics! You two have such a SPECIAL place in our hearts – you should hear everyone on the team talking about Haiti and sharing so much about what you and Brandon are doing. They are ON FIRE for clean water. I look forward to seeing you again in October – our next team is coming Oct 5. Love & hugs – Janet.

  4. My favorite shot is of the smiling face of the young boy and people with their hands in the clean, fresh, water that helps to sustain life. Thank you for this great post! Thank you for bringing Living Water to these dear ones.
    Aunt Kathy

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