Seeing the sights.

Our friend, Jack, came up to see us right after Easter. He has worked in and out of Haiti for about eight years now, and in fact he started the LWI program in Haiti! He worked in the Leogane area, just southeast of Port au Prince. He has always wanted to come and see the north of Haiti, and finally took us up on the offer to stay. We had a great time showing him around, and visiting with him.

He really wanted to see the Citadel, and loved it!
Only in Haiti can you sit on old ancient artifacts-we were joking if this way anywhere else they would be behind bull proof glass with an alarm screaming in the background if you dared to get close enough to fog up the glass!
Or how about taking a nap on a cannon??
I love this photo.
The only thing missing "New York" and "Tokyo".
Oh, and some gas and other truck fluids right at this little 'store'. !!
The "other" Haiti- LaBadee. That day, two cruise ships were there-8,000 people! And we are standing from a tiny platform that is a roller coaster ride to the bottom that people over pay to use. I can't wrap my mind around the different worlds!!
From this photo it looks like we are there in the thick of it! You can't tell that we are behind a giant 10 foot fence with wire to keep all people but cruise people out. Pretty funny!

Did you know that charcoal is the number one way Haitians cook food? Do you know how charcoal is made, or why it is used? They use it because it’s so inexpensive, but sadly that is why almost the entire rainforest that used to be Haiti is gone. To make charcoal you chop a tree down, (with no regulations and no “plant another one” motto in place, a lot of trees are hacked down all the time) cut it into smaller pieces and bury it under dirt. Then you light it on fire and it burns slowly for almost a week. They keep checking it and relighting it when needed. It has a very distinct, strange sort of smell. And the end product is charcoal, used by pretty much almost every single Haitian I know to cook thier food.

The charcoal smoldering and burning.
This bag (or a scoop from this bag) is for sale on the side of the road-a common site here in Haiti.


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