Yes, it’s a long time passed now, but just wanted to give you a peek into what/how we celebrated this year. I’m keeping in mind the “catching up” theme-since I am so far behind on posts, so this will be short.

First we got together and had a yummy meal. We each brought something, potluck style, which turned out to be super fun. Seems like we were all missing traditional favorites served at home with loved ones, because each of us made a dish from back home. Now, more like tried to make, because Haiti doesn’t exactly have all the ingredients you are looking for. Which can make things fun, sometimes challenging too, when you try to re-create those favorite family traditional foods, and you fall short because you are working with very limited resources! But that didn’t stop all of us from trying! Then, we had a great time of diving in the Word. One girl, Kristen, prepared a great lesson type thing, that went through the whole Easter story-inlcuding going back into the Old Testament and talking through scriptures about prophesying the birth and death of Christ, then the life of Jesus, His death and resurrection. It was the first time I had heard something like that, shared in that type of manner, and it was wonderful. We took communion together, and had a great time of worship. It was lovely.

Then we finished off the afternoon with decorating eggs. And let me tell you, I forgot how fun it is! I haven’t done that in years. One guy, Hunter, because his wife was in the states, he was off the hook for cooking in the potluck-but he was in charge of candy and egg stuff. And he sure came through! We had tons of candy-which we all fought over the chocolate of course-and he even brought  egg decorating stuff. We had so much fun!

Baking in the kitchen together! Wearing the aprons I got for my birthday! Aren't we so cute?? Terry made a yummy sweet carrot dish, Kristen made a family corn recipe, and Leticia made mashed potatoes...YUM.
That's right, blackberry pie (blackberries shipped in!!) What is a holiday gathering without pie?? And when grandma isn't around-nothing beats grandma pie- you have to improvise! That top you see there was my fourth attempt to get it right, and it worked out in the end.
Eating dip. Five seconds before this photo Brandon dropped of scoop of dip (laden with precious cheese and cream cheese) on his sandal and foot and much to everyone's shock and surprise he just scooped it right back up and into his mouth! No wasting cheese in this house!
Hunter even brought plastic eggs filled with candy-Kristen and I were loving it. We debated having a hunt, but seemed silly since it was just us adults, so we just ate the candy instead.
Eating dinner
The cute table-I just can't help myself, I have to decorate the table too! From top to bottom-My mom's amazing recipe for yogurt chicken, Terri's yummy sweet carrots, and Kristen's tasty corn dish.
Game faces. Who can make the cutest egg??
Okay, now we are having fun!
Look at our cute eggs!! (No, Leticia didn't pee on herself, we got a little excited and one of the bowls of dye spilled all over her!!


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