Mississippi team-Crossgates Church

That’s right. That team we had almost a year ago came back to visit us!! Of course not everyone could come back to Haiti again, but two of them did. And it was so fun to see them again!! One man, David, brought his wife this time, which was super fun to meet the other half. She was so sweet, and brought us tons and tons of goodies too. She already knew Crossgates had a special place in our hearts, but she really wanted to make sure it stayed that way! The cool part was also meeting more people from that church-who had the same fun loving attitudes, and hearts that loved the Lord. The church (many of the people from the  team that came a year ago, who sadly couldn’t come this time) sent us down fun things they knew we would enjoy. I’m talking chocolate, snacks, clorox wipes, photos from their last trip, cards, more chocolate-you know, all the essentials. It was so thoughtful and sweet! We had a great week with them, drilling in Milot. God once again provided the clean water, and we found it in the week that they were here-only the second time that has happened! It was beautiful.

Here are some photos that highlight the week. Of course, this is supposed to be the “Recap” version-so I tried to narrow it down to the best ones, it was hard!!

Let me start by reminding you (and it's good for me to have the reminder too!)why we love helping people/communities get clean water. This is where this community was getting water, at this river, about a half mile away.
I feel like it's the picture on the back of those old Highlights magazines-can you find all the things wrong in this photo??
One woman and her booth of "goods". This lady is selling a lot of what most people sell- spaghetti noodles, broth cubes, flour, garlic, pepper, onions, butter, tomato paste. All on the convince of the side of the road! Sure I don't have a real grocery store, but how many of you can walk down your neighborhood and find groceries you need right on the side of the road??
The team drilling
Ivenor showing Carly how to use the drill rig
The kids all gather around at recess to check out what is going on. Pretty fascinating stuff, and they were so excited to have a well right at their school!
The team prepared a Bible story and we spent one day going around to each class room and sharing the the story of the Living Water (Jesus!!) with them.
One of the many ways we are now having the community help with their wells-buliding the base/pad where the pump will sit. That in addition to many other things-including starting a water committee to make sure the well is taken care of and protected so it will last.
At the well dedication. This was the man who built the pad-he was very proud of his work, as he should be because he did a great job, and loved that he was honored and respected by coming up and pumping the brand new well.
At the well dedication- I love this photo. I can't take credit for it, it's Nathan's photo!!
The whole team from Mississippi- such a sweet group!
We took the team to the church right next to the school. We don't let anyone take photos in the church, only after everything is done. If people are real sneaky then that is okay. So this person kept the camera in her bag and caught a good shot. A very typical Haitian church-don't mind the odd angle!

3 thoughts on “Mississippi team-Crossgates Church

  1. Yahoo! more clean water for the people! and more truth being shared about the Living Water! Love you two……..wondering when you will be back to the US?
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Great photos and loved seeing the pump and pad. It brought a tear to my eyes because I know that well must mean so much to them. Sheri

  3. Loved seeing the reminder photos of why your work is so important- although I am jealous of the roadside stand!!

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