The week in Petit Mil

The shot sums it all up…they love having their picture taken, and all they ask in return? Thanks to the digital camera, they want to see themselves! It’s quite the crowd maker.
MaryAnn doing a Bible lesson with the kids, and afterwards we made butterflies with them. It was pretty cute.
The boys drilling away. They hit lots of clay in this formation, and that made for a muddy, sticky mess!
Some got more muddy than others! Jim and Paul looking good!
It’s little things that get me excited-take for example this poster. It’s about germs, and cholera, and how to prevent getting it. It was a pretty big deal that this tiny little school in the middle of no where had them, and when I asked the kids to explain it to me-they did!
One of the families we visited
Another sweet family
How sweet is this little guy? Less than a month old, the sweet Mother let me hold him…a really big deal when they are that little, since they don’t want them to get sick.
I know water is precious. Sometimes I forget how precious. As we develop the well (flush out all the mud we used to drill it) we dump out lots of water. Well, these ladies weren’t about to let all that water go to waste. Of course we had to explain that it’s dirty and muddy, and they understood…they wanted it for washing clothes, bathing. And that meant they didn’t have to walk down the road to get it!

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