I just have to tell you about this day.

Today the women from the community made us lunch.

Now, why is this such a big deal? In some countries that Living Water serves in, they make the team or people drilling the well, food every single day. I am floored by this. In our time here and with Living Water, this is the second time that a community has offered to feed us as a way of saying thank you. Now, hear me out. I’m not mad about this, or disappointed. It just is what it is.Where we are drilling, people don’t have a whole lot-a huge reason we are drilling there. So to expect them to cook a meal for anywhere from 6-14 of us is kind of just, well, ridiculous.

Now, the communities say thank you in different ways.  Some communities will bring us bread, coconuts, or other fruit. In one community, on the last day, all the women braided all of our ladies’ hair. It was so sweet, and such a tender moment together as they offered us something of worth and value-thier time, kindness, and skill. But, if I’m being truthful, sometimes I’m disappointed by how unthankful people seem. I say seem, because I don’t know their hearts, but when not too many actions show thankfulness, it can be discouraging or disheartening. Which is why when other communities come forth and offer what little they have, in many different ways and forms, my heart is full. It can be something as simple as a look you right in the eye, genuine, from the heart ‘thank you’. Or when all the men from the community come out to help out in any way. They are offering their time and labor, and that is beautiful thing to see too.

And it started the day before. The pastor came up to me and asked if they could make us lunch the next day. That was super thoughtful and smart because  he saw us bringing a cooler everyday with our own lunches and wanted to give us a heads up.  So when the next day, at lunch time, they pulled us into the little school room where we were eating everyday-my heart cried out with thankfulness. They had set up a little table, a fancy table cloth, and plates and forks for everyone. They made tasty rice and beans, that we saw a few ladies preparing all morning long. It was an act of kindness. It was an expression of  thankfulness. And my heart was so full-so thankful for this outpouring of love.

It was so fancy!
MaryAnn, me, and Karen with the lovely cooks who made us tasty food.
The well dedication-a wonderful day of celebration indeed!!
This cute little girl volunteered to be the first one to try out the new pump!
She was so shy too-but simply adorable! Another reason we do what we do!!




4 thoughts on “Lunch.

  1. Matthew 25, 34-46 …. like giving water and food to Christ …. the point is well taken, that you and Brandon “do what you do”, not for glory, gifts or fame, but just because you are the physical representation of a loving Lord in a country where people don’t know about God’s love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. the lunch was so nice! I also felt so proud of the ladies for making our lunch as nice as possible with the tablecloth and it all looked so good! My heart swelled with affection for these sisters in Christ

  3. It was a wonderful week. I’m always so blessed by the people in the community. The lunch was such an expression of appreciation. Looking forward to following your blog! Thanks for all you do.

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