I’m back?

To say that I need to catch up on this here blog, is well an understatement.  I guess part of me is in denial that I am still living in the US of A.  When the original plan was for me to return to Haiti after my first trimester, it seems strange that I am still here as I enter my fourth month of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, it has been nice to be in a place where I don’t have to worry about catching a disease, where I can get any tests done anytime I want to, get lab work and ultasounds as I want them!! That and my ridiculous cravings can go met-I can pretty much find and get anything I want to-at anytime I want! Now what more can a pregnant girl ask for? But that isn’t all that life has been these past two months that I have been here. I think part of my silence on the blog is I’m not really sure how to say that it feels weird to be here.


Home is where the heart is. And my heart, specifically the other half of me, is still in Haiti.  My husband is thousands of miles away from me, and I can’t hardly see the words as I write them through blurred vision.  So perhaps that is why the blog has not been updated in so long. Maybe it’s been too hard to remind myself that we are living apart right now, hopefully for just a short short season, but we are still apart nonetheless. That, and this blog is supposed to be about our life, and specifically life in Haiti, so when I’m not there to see and record the events, it’s a bit hard to update. You know boys can be, they only give so much information, and Brandon certainly is not the obsessive picture taker I am!


All that to say, I’m back. I miss writing, I simply love it. And I miss recording life’s events (a fun bi-product of blogging is being able to go back and read about life!) Which by the way, a few weeks ago I was reading a few excerpts from when we first moved to Haiti, almost three years ago, and that is entertaining stuff. I cringed at some of my writing, laughed at the ridiculous things we lived with and endured those first few months, and miss the optimism and hope that I felt reading at that time, something I think I have lost a bit of along the way.


So, this is just to let ya know that we are A. alive and well  B. I will be updating you once again on the boring and mundane of our lives. C. And fair warning, there will be baby things in this blog. I can’t very well update on you on our lives and somehow leave out the most exciting thing going on right now! I know I said this wouldn’t turn into a baby blog, and it won’t, but brace yourself there will be talk of pregnant-ness and the like!!

3 thoughts on “I’m back?

  1. I love your blog posts! So glad you feel up to writing again. They help me laugh, live, and to know what to pray for you guys. May you be blessed during this rough part of your journey. Looking forward to seeing you in the States if you are there when we are (Late Oct-Jan)

  2. Of course you are gonna talk about your baby. Can’t wait to see the progress! I can understand the mixed emotions you have and understand your feelings. Take care.

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