Last minute fun

I’d love to share with you a few more photos of our time in the States (rather my time in the states!) before we came to Nicaragua. It’s kind of a mental block, since it’s hard for me to post what is going on knowing I have some fun things I wanted to share from a few weeks ago! So, this will get me all caught up, and then I can keep telling you about what is going on right now! And don’t worry, I have lots to say about this new country, and am doing good taking photos along the way!

All the daughters hanging out with Dad stone for Grandpa’s birthday. Cortney, me and Kelsey
Cousin KC, Ken, Dad Stone, Clint, and Reid
Happy Birthday Grandpa!!
Taj helping Grandpa blow out the candles-he was SO excited !!
Me and my mom went to the Wild Animal Park. It was a lot of walking, but I forgot how fun it was to see all the animals. We had lots of fun hanging out just the two of us
I loved seeing all the animals together roaming around.
Kelsey, Reid and Taj- we all celebrated Taj’s 2nd birthday !
Happy 2nd Birthday !!
Snuggle time with our nephew Taj-he’s such a sweet boy!!
Clint and Cortney got him a new bike for his birthday-oh he was so pumped!!
Taj helping Brandon blow out the candles for his birthday. I won’t tell you how old he is now…!
A yummy meal at Stone Brewery with some sweet old friends-we had such a good time together before we left.

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