House hunters Nicaragua!

We have been on the hunt for a house. There is a lot of Living Water staff around, and we have been asking everyone where is the safest place to live. Everyone keeps coming up with the same answer. And so even though we want so badly to live by the beach, we decided to check out the burbs first. We are not big suburb people, hence why at one point we bought our dream home -on an acre with only one neighbor in the quiet town of Fallbrook. But, since we don’t yet have Spanish down, we figured we should first go for the safer option. So we began our search this week. We have looked at about five different places for rent. All are in this small community known to be very safe, and let’s face it, that is more of a concern with a baby on the way. When everyone says things will change when you have kids, you sort of smile and nod, knowing of course they will. But how exactly? Well, we’d live anywhere normally, in any kind of house, and not think too much of it. But knowing I’ll be home with her often, and we are in an unfamiliar place, we are making different decisions already because of this baby girl.

So for fun, all along the way I took photos. I thought I would give you a real life, someone you know, house hunting experience! At the end, You need to comment and cast your vote, and see if you can guess which one we chose!! Unlike the real house hunters though, we are not going to list the name of the small town, nor the price. Sorry!

OPTION #A        A Three Bedroom House.

A small house in the neighborhood I was telling you about. Newly built. About 1,000 square feet. Three bedrooms, two bath, small kitchen. Open kitchen/living room design. Small backyard with a small ‘shelter’ in the back for laundry with a sink. Pros: Smaller, easy to keep up, new, bedrooms are decent size with “closets” (an area for a closet, no doors or shelves though). On the end of a row of the same kind of houses, so only one attached neighbor. Cons: Comes with nothing-no a/c, stove, fridge, etc, and they are still building across the way- so many construction workers and a lot of noise- bathrooms are really tiny, no outdoor shaded area for sitting.

The outside front of the house
The kitchen next to the master bedroom-not larger, just has an attached bath
Front door/living room
Second bedroom with bath next door
The back yard and back of house



In the same neighborhood, this townhouse is pretty cute. It’s two stories, with the kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry room on the first floor. Second story has three tiny bedrooms, and one bath. Each bedroom has a built in closet. Pros: Great location, all the houses around it are built, it has as a decent size backyard with a covered area for sitting, laundry room is inside the house. Cons: Stairs. Concrete steep stairs. Teeny tiny kitchen. Bedrooms are very, very small.

The outside of the townhouse
The kitchen & laundry room behind it.
Living room and the stairs-and the downstairs bathroom
The back side, with the outdoor porch area
We’d have our own patch of grass!
The tiny bath
A bedroom with the closets built in


Options #C. A Three Bedroom House.

In the same quiet neighborhood, at the end of the street. This house has three bedrooms, and three baths. The rooms are a nice size, and each comes with a built in closet. Everything is modern and updated. There is a porch out back with a shaded covering. There is also room to park behind the house, that is enclosed with a gate. This house does come fully furnished, even though it’s a bit more per month. Pros:  The rooms are bigger, and have storage/closet space, it has an outdoor porch area that is shaded, it is safer and has secured area to park our imaginary car. It’s fully furnished, including a/c units and stove, fridge, etc.  Cons: It comes furnished, so we are stuck with what they picked and it is a little more per month, and it is more secure but that also means a high wall with barbed wire.

The side area to park and car and porch sitting area
Bedroom with the built in closet
The kitchen.
The living room and dining room-already furnished.
One of the bathrooms


SO…..which one do you think we picked?? Feel free to leave a comment and make your vote! Was it the lovely house in the suburbs A, the lovely town house in the suburbs B, or  the lovely house in the suburbs C ?






12 thoughts on “House hunters Nicaragua!

  1. There is only one choice … option “C”, of course. Yes, having a new daughter really will change your entire lives. You two deserve the BEST, and God will provide the necessary funds you need. Safety and security are the number one priority. Keep the pics coming … Grandma and I are so excited about your new venture, we just can’t get enough. I’m probably on the computer, looking at YouTube pics of the area more then anyone else you know. I am thrilled that you are in Nicaragua, and know that God will bless your ministry there.
    Love you and Bran

  2. Well……considering all you have shown us Jess (and Brandon of course) I would say option C. Secure and safe are two ammenities you do NOT want to skimp on……and if this house provides that for you…then that is and should be your choice. I don’t think the furnishings shouod be of too much concern but you can always put your little magic all around and call it YOUR home!!! I miss you two beautiful souls!! It makes me so sad to think of you sooooooooooo far away from me!! I can’t wait until we see you again with your bundle of joy and hopefully I will be able to show you my bundles of joy as well!!!!! Good Luck sweet dears!!!!
    Love and Kisses!!!

  3. Option C gets my vote. More space (for David and I, of course), security (which will make a difference when the two of you are home alone), secure parking for your vehicle (which will not always be imaginary), and AIR! This does matter. Absolutely! You’re not visiting there, you’re living there. Furnishings are easy to change. That’s the last of your worries. And it looks like there will be room for plenty of Reese’s Pieces!
    Love y’all so much! Dios les bendiga!

  4. Loved your Thanksgiving blog and photos!! You have the right attitude, make it work! We all need to adopt that attitude.
    Ok, I am going with option C also. Seems safe and the kitchen looks like you would have more room, and Grandpa voted for it too! 🙂
    Love you two! Kisses to baby girl!
    Aunt Kathy

  5. Hmmmm . . . this is a tough one. I think the practical and about-to-be father would go with option C . . . but I am thinking you may have chosen option B with the second floor to separate baby noises from quiet time on the couch?! Either that or I have just lived in a townhouse too long myself that I cannot even see the benefits of the other options! So fun sister- thanks for doing this! Now I need to go watch some youtube videos like Grandpa!

  6. Jessica, ITs a no brainer option c as your father in law says,safety and security.I really en joy reading of your adventures,I like your writing style.Uncle lem and aunt paula

  7. Jessica and Brandon, I love the yard in option B and can see you sitting there enjoying the yard and flowering bush, but the kitchen is so dinky. I think since this is your first baby, you will want her close to you, and not on the second floor, so I think you might end up with C. Love you, love you, love you. Aunt Paula

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