Happy Thanksgiving!!

I was pretty bent on making Thanksgiving dinner here in Nicaragua, even if I couldn’t find any ingredients. Well, turns out, I was very pleasantly surprised! The first time we went to the grocery store, I kid you not, they had turkeys in the refrigerated section. It was amazing. Then a few days after that, there was an entire end cap with Thanksgivingy stuff-like gravy, pumpkin, stuffing, etc. It must be for Christmas around here, because last I checked Nicaraguans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!

I thought I would be doing this all on my own, and I hadn’t really thought that through. But turns out, I was not alone, and had a super fun she-also-loves-Thanksgiving-and-all-the cheesy-stuff that goes along with it friend. Her name is Brittany, and she came this week to visit Stu. She is from Colorado, where a dear friend of mine lives, so of course I instantly liked her. We had so much fun making Thanksgiving together!

Our theme this year, beat this Martha Stewart: “We’ll make it work”. So even though the grocery store had way more than we could have ever imagined, each dish that we were going to prepare was shy an ingredient or two. Sometimes it was an important one, others not as much. So we used substitutions, made stuff up, emails friends, and got it done. Every time we came across a hurdle, we would ask the other if we could use X instead of Y, etc. And we’d always end up saying-we’ll make it work. And, much to our surprise and delight, we did! It was fantastic food!

We had turkey-that we brined, something I tried four years ago with our old small group at church and it turned out great so it’s my go to, super easy and amazingly moist recipe! We made dishes from both Brandon’s side of the family and mine. It was almost-almost I say- like eating with everyone knowing we were all eating some of the exact same things! We made Stone family spicy corn-mom, I actually found the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce!!! We made my mom’s classic amazing mashed potatoes, my sister’s zucchini casserole. It was so fun.

And of course, at the end, we all sat around and shared what we were thankful for. So cheesy, but something I just love doing. Our lists were long, as we enter this new season of life. God has shown us how to be thankful in everything, something that isn’t always easy to do. But right now, it’s hard not to be thankful. We have a true miracle baby girl on the way, we found a lovely home in two days flat, have met great new friends and staff here in Nicaragua that have been so welcoming and friendly, and we are together once again, living in the same country, same town, same house…as husband and wife should!

Here are some fun shots from the day. Sure hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, spent with family and friend eating yummy food!!


Giving the turkey-we named her Tammy-an Orange Juice shower, after she had a luxurious overnight bath.
Brittany and I working away in the kitchen…
We found zucchini….!! Can you believe it? Yes, they were bite size, but it worked!


The yummy pumpkin/cheesecake no bake pie! It was so tasty!


Making the zucchini casserole-YES we found zucchini!


Our sad celery-but, “We’ll make it work” !!
Sweatin’ it up in the hot hot kitchen!
Beautiful Tammy-golden brown and oh so juicy!!
Stu and Brandon carving the turkey


The lovely Thanksgiving table! Complete with the center piece that my sister sent me!


Brittany, Stu, Adriane (a fellow LWI employee visiting from Granada) me and Brandon

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Hi Brandon & Jess & baby girl, So glad you are together once again.
    It looks like you had a wonderful dinner for Thanksgiving Day. I want to
    know what house did you choose. I was leaning towards #3. Best to all of you as you settle into new surroundings. Love, Judy & Paul
    Oh by the way our babies will be here Dec. 1st. (Dave & Tereza’s) Keep her in your prayers this week please. A boy & a girl, Jesse & Eliza.

  2. Happy thanksgiving Jess! Have I told you I’m am thankful for YOU!!
    Loved the Colorado shout out 🙂
    And The turkey looks amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness Sister! How adorable are you??! I love that super cute black dress you are in . . . barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen??!! Your meal looks amazing and definitely looked quite similar to mine- love that you “made it work!” And love that you named her Tammy- exactly what I named my Turkey! How crazy is that?! Is that something mom used to do?! I kept talking to “Tammy” all throughout her brining bath- I think Ryan was a bit weird-ed out!

  4. So glad that that things are going so well, there in Nic’! May our Lord lead you each day and keep all three of you safe and well. Our love & prayers!!!

  5. Love the pix – I always leave your blog smiling! I love that you are nesting and “making it work”. God care about the details of our lives – and I can see the “details” falling into place… Hugs across the miles…!

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