Drum roll please…

And the answer is?

We chose option C !!

You all are pretty good at guessing, I have to say. I thought I was being pretty objective, but you either saw right through me, or just knew  that this place was a good choice for us! I planned to write the first blog about it while we were still deciding, but it happened so fast that by the time I could get internet and post the pictures we had already moved in! Granted it didn’t take much to “move”… I was so beat from cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and we talked about moving the next day, when we realized ‘moving’ meant loading our 8 checked bags in a truck, and well, it took a whole 10 minutes to do that. The easiest move thus far! So we did move Thanksgiving Day, which was actually super fun. What a cool thing to think about all day -and even now still-how thankful we are for this oh so cute, clean and safe little spot to call our own for the next year.

4 thoughts on “Drum roll please…

    1. Sweet Penny-so hard to leave her!! But there was a family that wanted to watch her for us while Brandon was going back and forth-and they of course fell in love with her. They have a great dane already, and wanted a friend for her and another big dog for security too. In addition, their 15yr old daughter fell in love with Penny, and she felt safer having Penny sleep in her room. (they have had some issues with security) So, knowing she was going to a great family that loved her made it easier to leave her-still sucked though. That, and it was going to be so expensive to get her to the US and then to Nicaragua. And poor thing had never been in a crate or on a leash-so we thought the trip might have just done her in!!

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