Exploring, eating, and building.

A great restaurant in town-it’s all grilled. So tasty!! It’s so fun to have places to eat out at!!

And this is a beach about twenty minutes down the road from us. Except this time we waded through the little river outlet and walked about a mile down the beach to do a little exploring. Not necessary per say, since the beach is already pretty deserted, but we like to check out new places!

Brandon was excited to see what potential surf lay around the corner…
I know, I’m no surfer, but that does look pretty good eh? Brandon did say it was good that day!
The lovely coastline

Back at home I put Brandon to work-setting up the crib that his parents got us for Christmas!! Merry Christmas to us!! It was so fun to get something in her room, to make it officially ‘her’ room!!

YAY !!


I did the important job of watching, well, and crying. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement, joy and amazement that this day has finally come-setting up a nursery! Oh God is good and we are still amazed at the miracle growing inside of me!! This was a day we’ve long anticipated!!

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