Merry Christmas -only two months later- !!

We spent our Christmas this year in Nicaragua. It was the first time we’ve been away from home at Christmas time. It was strange for sure, but with it came the challenge of keeping old traditions and starting new ones- a challenge we gladly accepted and had fun with!! We had a great time overall, and would love to share some of the highlights from that lovely time of year. (Even though it was so odd to be celebrating and sweating!) I mean, San Diego is usually fairly warm during Christmas, but this was just down right silly!

In the back part of the church.


This was at the church-they had a big celebration with everyone the Sunday before Christmas. I actually volunteered to help cook with the ladies (and funny thing was they put me on the duty of cutting/trimming the chicken. It was all I could do to keep my gags to a minimum-as raw meat already creeps me out and on top of that I have all these  pregnancy hormones that randomly make me gaggy!) But I held it together quiet well!  It was pretty cool because we had food for everyone, then the church had presents for all the little kids, and they even had a piñata  too! No celebration here is complete without a piñata!

Brandon and Cody-new friends we made that also just moved here. And guess what??? They just moved from HAITI too. !!! How crazy is that !!!
His wife Maria-she is so sweet. They have two cute kids too!


Christmas day! Merry Christmas!!
We had dinner Christmas Eve at this lovely little cafe

Look how cute that is? Hot cocoa-keeping up with traditions, even though it made me sweat even more!!


Merry Christmas-I’m keeping up another tradition as I made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. yum!!
We managed to do find stockings too-I just love stockings!!

And the hilarious part was I didn’t know what I could find, so at first I wrapped up some of Brandon’s ‘spare’ things-like extra deodorant, toothpaste, etc that I had brought from the states. He was so confused, like, “I’ve seen this before…” We both got a good laugh out of trying to be creative. Later I did find some fun things at the local store!

He’s thinking…”this looks oddly familiar!”
Brandon picked me out some fun new nailpolish- I love nailpolish!!
And popcorn! I was so excited he found popcorn!!

Later that day we went to some new friends for Christmas. It was strange to be celebrating Christmas with new friends-many of whom we just met that day-but also lovely too as we felt so loved and welcomed since people we hardly knew invited us over to celebrate Christmas with them-it was such a fun night!!

Stephanie is girl after my own heart-she is into the little details, making the place look so lovely and picture perfect!
The huge spread!


Stephanie -our host-even planned a fun game of hide and seek but 3 legged race style. We got a head start since we were handicap-already clumsy being pregnant!


Later that night we sung Christmas carols-it was great!!
What a lovely Christmas we had together!





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