Baby showers-take two!

My amazing mother in law, Marva, and two dear sister in laws, Kelsey and Cortney, really out did themselves. They had been working and scheming for weeks, and you could tell!. There was so much love and attention poured into every little thing, it was so fun to see it all unfold! Since the shower was at my mother-laws beautiful home, and I was staying there for my visit home, they were so sweet and didn’t banish me from the house, but rather let me hang out and watch the loveliness unfold!  I loved being around all the day before, soaking up all the the creative things going up all around me! The best part was they knew I was doing her room in purple, so they somehow managed to find all sorts of girly delightful things in that lovely lavender shade! I mean, I’m talking everything-from plates, to the cutest party favors ever-nailpolish-all different shades of purple, and hanging puff balls and lanterns (which they gave me afterwards and are now hanging in her room!!)…everything was purple!

I cannot even tell you how blessed I am to have married into this family. I am reminded of this fact often, but today was extra special. The excitement over this baby girl has been non stop, and the shower was another way for them to show it! Marva has been praying for grand babies since the moment Brandon and I said I do-almost ten years ago now! She has been so excited and anxious to have grand babies, and when we told her as newlyweds we were on the ‘five year’ plan, it about killed her, but she begrudgingly accepted…but I’m convinced secretly prayed that birth control wouldn’t work! But as we began to try, and we finally stared that things weren’t happening in the timing that we wanted, she started praying! She did get her first grand baby from Brandon’s sister Kelsey, a sweet little guy named Taj, who is two now! As so, her joy is multiplied to have another grand baby on the way, and this time a girl! She didn’t hold back either-it was so girly, frilly, and lovely!

The shower was perfect, and it was such a joy to celebrate with everyone!

It was pretty funny, both Marva and Kelsey were giving me a hard time, saying that ‘baby’ could have said her name, but since we are waiting to say her name until she is born, ‘baby’ had to due! They still tried to get the name out of me all weekend!!
Marva and Kelsey hard at work-and sweet cousin Taj there to help too!

Julie and Alicia Faumuina. Alicia hand made the sweetest treasures for our baby girl, including

a blanket, beanies, headbands, leg warmers!! and even some fancy onuses! I was amazed at her

talent and how she found the time with two little guys at home too!

Aunt Kate and Grandma-well, soon to be great grandma to this baby girl! She made the most delicious chocolate dipped strawberries!!
The oh SO excited grandma’s to be!! They are grinning just as much as me!!
Me and Brandon’s sweet aunt Barbie!
The amazing hostesses-Marva, Cortney, and Kelsey. Oh they are so precious to me!!
Marva did the same thing at this shower-hoping we would get all the bigger items on our ‘wish list’. She actually made these little envelopes with photos of me and the items we wanted on it! It was so creative! And again Brandon and I were so amazed at how willing people were to go something different, and so thankful of how generous everyone was! We got many of the larger items we wanted for her room! Thank you!!
Isn’t that just perfect??
One of my most favorite things-they had nailpolish as party favors! My favorite thing ever, nailpolish, and they home made tags that said, “It’s a girl” on them!! SO creative and thoughtful!

Oh how my heart was so full after those two showers. What a blessing to be so loved on, spoiled, and pampered by family and friends!!

2 thoughts on “Baby showers-take two!

  1. HURRAY PURPLE!! I am s so sick of baby girls always having to have pink so over done. Purple is very feminine but elegant too. They did a good job of making it look like a baby shower and yet keeping it elegant. Love it! I am so happy for you guys. When is your due date?

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