More fun in CA.

I had so much fun this last trip home, just hanging out and visiting with everyone. One little guy is particularly excited about his ‘baby cousin’! Taj is two, and from the moment he knew about baby cousin, we would ask him where she is, and he would respond by lifting up my shirt and pointing to my tummy. Which is hilarious in the confines of the house-but slightly awkward when the last time was in Costco and he tried to lift up my shirt-and of course an employee walked by and looked at me like, ‘really lady, no body wants to see that!’ haha. Anyway, this last time we were playing with his bouncy basketball, and he was trying to stuff it in his shirt to look like aunt Jess! We about died laughing!

So this is Taj, with his own baby cousin!

I about died when he stuffed this ball under his shirt to look like aunt Jess!!


Taj and I just hanging out with our big bellies !!

Girls Weekend Away !! What a treat it was to have my sister in town, so we took full advantage and planned a little girls weekend get away trip-my mom, Ashley, and my sister. We stayed close by, but it was so fun to have some girl time! Especially since it’s a rare treat to get us all together in the same location!

We hiked Torrey Pines all along the coast, it was so beautiful.
More time at the beach…it was such nice weather! And so nice to soak up time with my mom.


We went to the movies-super luxury style! It’s this new thing where they have lazy boy recliners, serve food and even dessert! What a fun new idea, we had a great time!
Ashley and mom enjoying their comfy seats in this swanky theater!
More family time, with my little brother. He just got a job with Poway Fire Department! It was so fun to see him get hired and crazy too-he’s all grown up!!
And what do us ladies do best together? Eat! Had a great time meeting friends- Tina and Kelly here-such sweet girls I’m so thankful for!


Me and my girlfriends daughter, Jolie, having fun going through her hat drawer-she has some super fun hats! She’s such a sweet little girl!! What a treat to come home and see her growing up!




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