Getting her room ready…and TaDa!!!

I’m not a huge planner, well, God has broken me of that over the years. But it’s been killing me to be getting so close to my due date (only four days away!!) and not feeling like the room is ready. In fact, I may have had a break down or two recently, where my husband had to sweetly remind me our baby girl will be just fine if she’s born and the  bumper pads aren’t ready, or heaven forbid the changing table isn’t done. I’m not so sure. Ha. So, the last few weeks we’ve been busy-yes we-as I have all sorts of things/ideas of how I want her room to be. My poor husband is going from one project to the next, assembling something every other day practically. But he’s been a great sport about it, and it’s been fun for both of us to work on getting everything ready. And the strange part? It’s not just her room I want in perfect order… this whole nesting thing is pretty ridiculous. Oh sure it’s great to have a perfectly spotless fridge, floor matts you can eat dinner off of, sliding doors so clean you run into. But it’s exhausting! I can’t help myself. Brandon finds it pretty entertaining, until it sucks him in, and he finds himself fixing or assembling this and that. It’s been so fun!!!

So here are a few shots of the room and the things we’ve been working on.

Brandon assembling the swing we got-from our shower in the states! People gave money for us to get things here,(since it’s just too hard and expensive to ship it here) it was so fun to go out and buy the things we wanted!! Thank you to so many of you who gave- allowing us to get the things we needed/wanted for her nursery !!
My Aunt Karen made this beautiful bumper pad to go with the amazing quilt she made!! And the smart thing was she didn’t stuff it, so I could actually get it into a suitcase and back to Nicaragua! It’s been a challenge finding the right material though, but I finally did, and used velcro to close up the bottom. It’s looks so cute!
Assembling puff balls that my mother in law gave me from the shower-they are so fun!!
Brandon hanging those, and fun purple lanterns him mom gave us too! I love it!
This is the man who made the changing table for us. We showed him a picture and he copied it exactly! I love it! (and he made this cute little table for our water)
His workshop right down the street

My aunt had some leftover fabric, so I was wondering what I could do with it. The problem is, I’m not a sewer. I enjoy making crafts, sure, but sewing is  a whole different ball game. I needed curtains for her room, and thought maybe I could find someone to help me. Turns out, a sweet new friend, Maria, is an amazing seamstress! And she was so happy to help me make curtains! In fact, we did it in one afternoon! I could not have done it without her, and the help of her daughter too. Isabela is only eight, and yet she already knows how to sew. It was pretty cute when I would get stuck, all I had to to was ask her! She was a pretty cute little teacher! And you will never, ever believe this: Maria and her family lived in Haiti! For almost three years too-at almost at the same time as us! We never knew them, it is a big country, kinda of, and they were down in the south, in the Jacmel area, so pretty far from us. But can you believe that?? We met them here, and couldn’t believe that we had that in common!!  It’s crazy, and we are loving getting to know them and their family.

Maria and her daughter Isabela
I had to document me actually sewing-otherwise you might not believe that I did it !!


Look how cute they are-all thanks to Maria and her skills!!
The curtains in her room… aren’t they so cute??!

All of it put together, equals one pretty fun girly baby room!! YAY !! Now, maybe I feel a little more ready and perhaps she’ll be coming soon?? Who knows, we are only about four days from my due date, which is February 26th! Even though due dates are so arbitrary, she will come, and it will be soon. Can’t wait to meet this baby girl!!

The cutest crib ever, thanks to the amazing love and skills of my aunt Karen!!


From the doorway…


The super cute changing table!

7 thoughts on “Getting her room ready…and TaDa!!!

  1. Sweet sister!! You are so stinkin adorable and so is your baby girls room!! I absolutely LOVE it!! You really out did yourself and you found a curtain rod?! Sweet! Now go get some rest cause you might need it . . . ; )

  2. Those curtains are perfect for the room. LOVE THEM. Glad you included the photo of you sewing so you can show your daughter one day. I figured out why women nest before birth and it is because your house will never look that clean again until they are teenagers. You might want photos of it now. Sheri

  3. Dearest Jessica – you are indeed nesting big time and the results are so absolutely perfect! I always find myself chuckling out loud when I read your blogs – they make me feel like we are right there getting to peek at this perfect nursery reading for this blessed baby. We are anxiously awaiting the big news – and keeping the three of you in our prayers…

  4. So cute to see you sewing 🙂 The curtains turned out perfect to go with the lavendar room. It’s a good thing we “almost due” moms go through the nesting phase, since there’s a long, dry spell before we feel like doing those projects again :). Good luck with your delivery. Marci just had baby Joshua. Almost didn’t make it to the hospital. 8lb 7oz. 21 1/2 ” long.
    Praying for you both. Love, Cindy Beauchamp

  5. This just made my Monday morning!! Everything looks so good…AND ready, Jess! Can’t wait to see a picture of baby girl in that crib!!

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