Introducing Eliana Elizabeth Stone

Meet Eliana Elizabeth Stone !!

Her first hour of life!

The Facts:

~Born February 26th at 1:25am.

~Weighing in at 7.5 pounds.

~Measuring 20 long inches.

~The cutest baby ever born! (of course we are not biased, these are just the facts)

 Her Name:

~Eliana:The meaning is very significant for us-her name means “Gift from God” or “God has answered ” It couldn’t be more true, as we are still continually amazed at this sweet miracle, this precious gift from the Lord. We have waited patiently for her, and after four years God has provided this gift to us.
~Elizabeth: She is named after her Great Grandma, Brandon’s Grandma. (Marion Elizabeth Shuck) and Marion’s mother, so great great Grandma (Elizabeth Ramey) And do you want to hear something else amazing? We didn’t even realize it, but Eliana’s birthday-Feb 26th-landed on the same day as her Great Great Grandmothers! We might have cried when we found that out-what an extra special thing for this special name sake!

Her birth story:  (don’t worry, I’ll keep it g rated!)

Things started off mildly at about 2am Monday the 25th and we decided to drive to Managua at 10am. The drive was pretty uneventful, and my contractions weren’t too hard yet, so, manageable in the car.We did however get pulled over!! And the guy was a total punk and didn’t even care that I was in labor-clearly I should have let out a few loud noises?!  The law here is that they take your ID and then you have to pay the fine at the bank and go pick up your license at some office…but considering we needed our ID for her birth certificate and such we went round and around with him to make sure he didn’t take it-whew. It was stressful for sure! Then we checked into a hotel close to the hospital (I stayed in the truck while Brandon got us a room-the last thing I wanted was for them to reject us by taking one look at me!!) at about 11am and I continued to labor there. Our doula, Meghan,(another amazing story of how God introduced us to her!) met us there, and I had both Brandon and her to help me through contractions, encouraging me, and helping me with different positions. My water broke at 5pm (it was a crazy feeling!) and contractions really picked up after that. The doctor came by the hotel about 7pm and I was dilated to about 4/5cm. He then returned at 9:30, at which he said I was 7cm and it was time to go the hospital. It was a rough 10 min drive, but Brandon did great and surprisingly didn’t drive too crazy! At the hospital, there was no room in the inn-haha no seriously-and the normally eery, quiet, fancy hospital was packed.(I guess it was a full moon the night before?!) So we were taken to a ‘labor room’ which was very small, but at least we were alone, and at that point I hardly even noticed. (Side note: when we pulled up to the emergency room, I was waiting in the room while Brandon parked and Meghan checked us in, very much in my own world trying to deal with the very hard and strong contractions. Apparently I was in the corner, holding onto the wall, letting out some noises, and as is typical in third world settings we’ve noticed over the years, the other patients were not annoyed at all, but rather started urging the staff to hurry up and help us already. Clearly, I was about to have this baby, one lady reasoned, and was getting all annoyed at the hospital staff for taking a full ten minutes to check us in. I didn’t notice at the time, but Meghan told me later.) At about 11:45, another long hour of intense contractions, I was fully dilated and wheeled into the delivery room. Silly costumes and hair nets were adorned by all, somehow I remember being so annoyed at having to wear a hair net! And so I began to push. After about an hour of pushing, she wasn’t moving down and out as quickly as she should have. Mainly, my contractions had lessoned in intensity (I personally was enjoying the what seemed like a very long break between them!) and thus my pushing wasn’t doing a whole lot. So, knowing we didn’t want any drugs, the doctor mildly suggested one to increase the rate of contractions. We declined. But after about 5 more contractions, and no movement by her at all, we decided to do oxytocin. A few minutes later, the contractions were stronger, and about six more pushes and she was out!! Oh she came out pink, vocal, and looking great. Yes, all slimy and gooey-but somehow I didn’t even notice as she was set on my chest. She rested there for a bit, and Brandon cut the cord!!

Praises– from those 23 hours of labor:

We want to share these special moments, because know so many of you were/have been praying for her, over this miracle, the birth, everything. We really felt the hand of the Lord, through such big and little moments all throughout the day, and want to take a moment to celebrate Him. We want to give Him glory and honor for getting us all through an amazing but tough thing-hence the name labor-and that everything went so beautifully!

~God gave us safety in travel between cities

~God gave me the strength and helped me through the hardest thing I have ever done

~God gave Brandon nothing but love and encouragement-for 23 hours-as he was glued by my side loving and encouraging me

~God blessed us richly with our doula Meghan (birth attendant/coach) who helped me through labor so amazingly and was such a huge help at the hospital with her Spanish expertise and sweet way of telling/reminding our doctor and the nurses what we wanted and didn’t want (which was huge so I could focus on labor and Bran could focus on me!)

~That I didn’t have to have a C section, something I was terrified of since the rate here is so high

~That my blood sugar did great all through labor and birth

~That there were no complications from me having gestational diabetes when she came out- Eliana’s blood sugar was actually normal and didn’t drop dramatically (one reason I had to birth her in a hospital setting)

~Praise that Eliana came out with no health or medical issues-scoring a 9 on her APGAR test

~ That our doctor was super kind, gentle, and flexible (the reason we chose him, but didn’t know how he would do that day) since doing a natural, no drug birth and laboring at a hotel with giant bouncy balls was so so odd to him!

~And last but not least, praise and thanks to the Lord that she is healthy!!!

Favorite verse from that amazing and crazy day:

“Be strong and courageous Jessica! Do not be afraid or terrified because of this, for the Lord your God goes with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

How I felt the mighty hand of the Lord with me all day!

Least favorite quote from Brandon:

In his defense, this was his one and only sarcastic comment all day -he was gushing love and encouragement non stop for hours and hours-this just kind of slipped out!  As I am literally in the middle of a push he says to me, “And you wanna do this four times?”.  It was also a first for me-the first time I was mean and yelled at him, “shut up!”

At the hotel, when I was still smiling and feeling good. I wanted to eat, so I would have energy. Great thought, except that ravioli came up about a dozen times later that night-no more ravioli for me for a while!!
I know, the picture is terrible. But, the funny part is that is the only one I’m even attempting a smile past like 7pm! This is at about 11pm. (Brandon is all hyped up on red bull I kept pumping in him making sure he wouldn’t fall asleep on me!) haha-for those who know him, you know what I’m talking about!!
There she is!! I was stunned-couldn’t believe she was in my arms! Brandon took his cutting cord job very seriously, and that is my doctor-to the right. And to the left is the pediatrician.
Probably something only a parent can think, but man she still is SO cute even with all the nasty gunk on her!
One proud daddy holding his baby girl. I could not have done that without him, what an amazing husband I have!
It was surreal, having her in my arms at last.
Another benefit to the third world? They let you leave the hospital right away! She was born at 1:25 am, and the doctor came back by at 7am to check on me and her, and said we were free to go! yay! We left about 2pm, and went by the doctor again and then made the drive back to Leon.
It’s true, it was scary putting her in there-looking so small and fragile. And then going into crazy Managua traffic, phew, but we made it home safely.
The hospital where she was born, in Managua.
Her first day at home-checing out her cute room! I think she is loving all the lovely lavender!!

13 thoughts on “Introducing Eliana Elizabeth Stone

  1. I’m in tears reading this! So happy everything worked out so well. And just to warn Brandon, you FORGET all the pain and just remember the joy, so I’m sure you’ll be ready for #2 in no time!! 🙂

  2. I am glad I am typing and not trying to talk through the tears of joy. Photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing and I can tell lavender is her favorite color. Love the photos of proud dad.

  3. She is so beautiful!! God has sure blessed you. May He continue to bless your family and your work for Him as you help to spread His Good News!!
    We love and pray for you

  4. In addition to proud PARENTS, we are PROUD GREATGrand PARENTS. The gift of life is but a glimpse of what happens when we are “born again”. What a beautiful little darling, and we think you two are just about the GREATEST people on this old earth. Life has just begun, now you will know why your parents worried when you came home late, or took the car out for the first time, or on and on. Once a parent, always a parent, you will never stop worrying, loving, being proud of little Eliana. Truly she is a gift of God to many people. “And Mary (Jessica) kept all these things and pondered them in her Heart” Luke 2:19

  5. Our God is so awesome! I am so blessed reading your experience of giving birth! It is surreal, isnt it. How God puts these little ones so perfectly together and blesses us beyond measure will always be a miracle to me.Eliana, I look forward to meeting you in person!
    Love and congrats to Mommy and Daddy!
    Aunt Kathy

  6. you two are going to be the best parents EVER! I am so impressed with the story so far and cannot wait to hear about everyday life for all of you. (BTW, Brandon, as you enjoy her, the pain of the day diminishes in mama’s mind. It’s all so worth it-that it doesn’t matter) Jess- I still wish I’d have been able to meet you when we came to Haiti. Brandon spoke of you with so much love-I felt like I did meet you.. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. You two are really something! (I mean that in the nicest possible way) Eliana is beautiful, you two are amazing-and this journey that is beginning for you will continue to be amazing. God has blessed you and will continue to do so!.

  7. Congrats!!! She is perfect! Praise be to God! We will pray for your beautiful family of 3 and for Eliana to grow and thrive and bring you so much joy.
    Alex and Melissa
    p.s.- alex was born in managua too!

  8. Congrats!!, to the most deserving couple i know.May our LORD continue to bless your little family.

  9. Congratulations Jessica!!
    Praise God all went so well!
    I love her beautiful name and even more so after learning the meaning!!
    We also had three years pass before being able to have our first princess.
    God is so good!
    What a blessing it is to become parents!!
    Just a word of advice, it gets easier after baby number one!!

    Again, congrats, she is beautiful!

  10. Yay, she’s so beautiful and you guys look so good and proud. I’m unbelievably happy for you!! Can’t wait to catch up on Skype!

  11. Love, love, love the pics. The story. The details. I feel like I was able to be there with you. We are praying for you 3 & cannot wait to chat soon. Praise God!

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