Eliana’s first week

I just realized, about ten days after the birth of our daughter, that life does indeed go on outside these four walls. We have been all consumed with this sweet baby girl! All she does is eat, poo, and sleep. And, consequently, all we have been doing is watching her do those three things! Sounds boring? Maybe. But as new parents, we just can’t get enough. Brandon took some time off work, so he has been around for this super fun time of everyone getting to know each other. Even though she can’t see us, or really anything for that matter just yet, we’re loving every minute. We especially get a kick out of her smirks and laughs, brought on not by our charming voices, rather gas, but we’ll take it.

We’ve had a busy week, and thought we’d share some photos of her first week of life:

This was a bit traumatic-but she pulled through.We were asking the doctor if she was getting enough to eat (since my milk had not come in yet) and right after we asked, she pee’d everywhere! That answered that!

Napping with daddy-something they both do well!
Eliana’s first visitor-Stu. He was a little nervous to hold her, but did great!
This is Abby and her sweet baby boy, William. He’s only 3 weeks old! She and her hubby came by and brought us dinner that first week, I was amazed she was that on it, to make us dinner with a newborn too!!
Brandon and Alder (Abby’s husband) -aren’t they adorable ?? ( and the babies are cute too!) haha
This is Peggy and Gordon. Peggy helped connect me with other moms in the area, which has been fun making new friends with ladies who also have small children. In addition, she is a nurse and has been a great help and resource to me! And, they did some grocery shopping for us and made us dinner too! They are so sweet!
This is Stephanie-who is so excited cause she just got a huge gassy smile from Eliana! She has 3 kids of her own, two she had here, and has been so helpful and full of great information-she introduced us to our pediatrician-who we love. She made us tasty bean soup-oh my gosh it’s good-and even brought me over a Rosemary plant! ( i had been telling her how said it was I couldn’t find any, and she located some at a market and wrapped it up all cute for me!) Let’s just hope this black thumb an keep it alive!!
Maria and Isabela-Isabela was so cute about holding her! Sweet Maria made us dinner too.
Even some of the LWI staff came by to meet her-this is Jiro and Magda-they got her some fun presents too!
Summer and Ryan-they too live real close. She made us some amazing chicken taco thing, it was tasty!
Bethany and Carolina-they came by to say hello and dropped off delicious enchiladas.


I mean come on-how cute is that??
Four days old 🙂

6 thoughts on “Eliana’s first week

  1. And He will give you the desires of your heart! Thank you Lord for this precious life that is bringing great blessing and joy! She is so darling, look at all that hair!!! Thanks for sharing all these photos and comments. Sounds like you are SO loved by all your friends.
    We love you! Aunt Kathy

  2. Bonding, blessed, beautiful, life has just begun for you two. What an amazing array of friends … so loving, thoughtful, and accepting. You guys are the salt of the earth, and Eliana is the fabulous touch of class that was needed to make your lives complete.

  3. So many people loving on you even though you have only been there such a short time! Brandon really must be so friendly!

  4. I love the fact that you guys have so many people caring for you and your sweet little lady. You guys have already made a home there…I would expect nothing less! Love you guys.

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