Baby showers!!

Let’s be honest, it’s fun to be spoiled.

This unborn baby girl and I were so loved on and spoiled, I can’t even begin to tell you! I went back to the States, to California, for the sole purpose of being showered! The oh so special women in my life-my mothers and sisters-all insisted throwing me and Brandon a baby shower, and who am I to argue?

To be honest, it was strange to think about flying all that way for two parties. But they were no ordinary parties I’ll tell you that much. And when we decided to have our baby girl here,in Nicaragua, it hit me that we wouldn’t really be able to celebrate there in person with everyone. I mean that is true of anyone who has children far from family and old friends.  And even though God has been so gracious, and we’ve already met and made some amazing friends here,it’s just not the same as being in your home town for the birth of your first child. Family and friends from back home-and even many of you in other locations far from California-have been walking alongside of us in this journey for a long time. Which simply means, the rejoicing is even more so, since many of you know the difficult road we traveled down to come to this point. And that is why it was so extra special to take a moment to celebrate this baby girl.

And did we ever celebrate this total miracle from the Lord!!

Pictures and thoughts to come…

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