Just a few fun things…

Painting her room and getting it ready …! It was so fun to pick out colors (and they actually have legit paint stores with more than the basic four colors! woot woot!!)

so of course I picked purple!

And we went to a new friends house for their daughter’s first birthday-it was so fun! And no birthday celebration (or really any celebration I am learning) is complete here without a piñata! And this party had TWO. Beat that. You could tell these kids were professionals too, cause as the last kiss of death hit was about to be made, they were all on the edges of their seats waiting to run and get as much candy as they could! We had a lot of fun.

They just park everyone around in a circle from the start of the party-cause it’s all about the piñata!
First one-the creepy clown…


Next was the almost life size Minnie Mouse!! She was huge!
The adorable birthday girl-Lindsay!


And just when you think life is normal and calm, the next day the volcano that is about 25 miles away from us began erupting!! Now, having no experience with volcano’s, we both thought it was pretty cool-but also terrifying. Apparently, the warning system here is kind of like our fire danger/warning system in San Diego. They have different colors for the different risks/stages. Well, I guess volcanos can erupt, but in stages. So this one was a stage one, then stage two…which means just mostly smoke and ash come spewing out. They did evacuate the tiny town right below it, but not the next largest town of Chinendega. So what did we do? Drove out to get a closer look, or course. Not that close-don’t worry we are not THOSE people. But just outside of Leon, so we could get a good look. Very interesting!!

San Cristobal erupting !!!

See-we weren’t that close-we just have a good zoom on the camera. Don’t worry moms…

A little crafting for the baby’s room…

These are some crafts I did for her room… it was so fun! I got the idea from my cousin Elizabeth. It was not as easy at it looked, considering I’m pathetically lost when it comes to any kind of sewing,but I managed to power through!


This was my best one, I’ll let you see it up close.

And just in case I, or you, may forget how different Brandon and I are sometimes, here is what Brandon was doing while I was crafting things for her room… yes, he is starting a savings account already. No lie. It was hilarious! We got this plastic piggy bank as a party favor at the birthday party, and I had to put it in her room cause it was purple. Well, no more than a few days pass by, and my husband is already clinking away loose change for his unborn daughter. I found it both humorous and re-assuring, my sweet husband,the planner.

I just loved this picture! I found him off in the corner adding money to her piggy bank!

One thing that Brandon and I just love is baseball! And turns out, so do Nicargauans! woot woot! There is a team for Leon, and the staduim is just about a mile down the street from us. We went to a game, and just loved it. Loved it. There is something so wonderful about enjoying the same sport, no matter what your language is. That, and I just love how something are the same no matter what country you are in: The singing of the National Anthem before a game, the singing and chanting all throughout the game (although they win for being more boisterous!), eating of yummy and nasty vendor food, enjoying peanuts and beer (without the eye gouging mark up prices too!), and cheering for your favorite team. One thing that was different- the fans are very polite. Of course they yell and scream more for their team that the US, but they don’t ever boo the umpire-I noticed when I started to boo a terrible call and people were like ‘what are you doing’. I thought it was rather interesting-not sure where I lie on that one-I kind of enjoy harassing those guys.

singing the national anthem
Brandon braving the local vendor food-I’m just not as tough these days being pregnant! But good news-no sickness the next day!!
The over crowded section to our right-one downside we noticed was the overselling of tickets in that section-which lead to so many people standing everywhere, it was crazy. We were glad we paid the extra $1 for behind home plate. Yes, that’s right, behind the plate seats for a mere $4. !!
So fun!!
We went with some new friends, and this is their daughter, Isabella. This was her first baseball game ever, and she loved it! Of course!

Okay, okay. Here is pregnancy shot. All ya’ll have been asking for one, for which I am not purposely avoiding, but it can feel funny to post photos of my belly. So, here is one that is kinda dark, but you get the point! Mind you, this was about a month ago, so I may, may, be a bit bigger now! haha This is at the beach just a little ways down the road from us… It’s so lovely.




6 thoughts on “Just a few fun things…

  1. it is so fun for me to read your posts ! it looks like a much better “place to be”(literally and theoretically) than Haiti-especically bringing that little one into the world. I’m telling ya-you guys are such an inspiration…..I mean, just to live life. Hope you know that! Enjoy, enjoy and don’t stop posting! (As for the piggy bank….I LOVE it! We have had two in college at the same time for 4 years….and dude…….save it now!)
    Happy Valentines Day! (and LOVE the volcano, baseball and beach pics!)

  2. I was so happy to see your recent postings on your blog. I had checked a few times and saw no new posts – so was happy to get the most recent updates! What a happy and blessed time – and you just have to look at your smile to see the joy radiating. And we are rejoicing with you – and waiting anxiously for the big day!

    By the way, I missed your birthday. How did that happen?? I am so sorry about that – but am sure your party-husband did something wonderful for you! Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying these last days of “nesting” and resting before the arrival of your sweet baby girl! Hugs across the miles! cathy

  3. Jessica and Brandon, We were so happy that you started posting again because we were getting a little concerned that we hadn’t heard anything. You look sooo cute. We especially loved the long shadow one on the beach. I wish I could be there when you new little one arrives because I can’t imagine that you could look any happier, but I know you will be. WE will continue to pray for both of you and your little one. God bless. Uncle Lem and Aunt Paula

  4. Aw thanks guys! We are enjoying just living here and exploring, and sorry it’s taken so long to share some of that with you! Yes, Cathy, I am in super nesting mode, which is both fun and can be annoying! I just can’t sit still! If I’m feeling brave I’ll post some more photos of my belly-which is indeed looking quite large these days!

  5. Oh my goodness!! LOVED the photo of Bran stocking the piggy bank! All good financial plans start with a piggy bank- yes?! I also loved that you guys were able to go to a baseball game- how fun is that? And the shadow pic of your belly on the beach? That one definitely needs to make the wall! Love you!!

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