A wonderful week together

The week with my sister, brother in law, and my adorable niece and nephews went by way to fast. Here are some highlights from the week we shared together…

Out in the community where LWI was drilling. The kids were checking out the different surroundings, and loving all the trees everywhere too!
Even though many houses were made of plastic, the area they lived on was beautiful. Each house had a lovely little garden of flowers and food, everything was swept up super clean, and all the chairs things were organized and in perfect order. We were all very impressed.
The whole fam. The team even let Ryan help out with some of the drilling, they were such a nice team, and he had a great time learning what it takes to drill a well!
I was super fascinated by this-the horse would go back and forth pulling up water from this hand dug well. They use this water for their crops and laundry, but it isn’t clean enough to drink.
My sister and her kids joined the women from the community as we all learned a few lesson in hygiene. The women loved seeing my sister’s three kids-because most visitors or foreigners who come and visit don’t come with their families-so they just loved seeing other little kids hanging out with their kids.
My favorite thing as always, just sitting with the ladies and chatting. They sure thought it was fun to have a gringo baby there!


Ryan getting his hands dirty!
A peek inside one of the ladies houses-she loved that we were so fascinated with her kitchen, and let us take a picture.
This Juana. She is 80. I wanted to squuuueze her. I didn’t know how to say that in Spanish. But I think she understood me, cause she wanted to do the same to Eliana! My sister loved her too-her house was the closest to the new well.
This super sweet older man, Juana’s husband, let Kate have a ride on his horse. Of course another kid jumped on the opportunity and Kate was so excited!


One thing Hackneir (one of the Health and Hygiene coordinators) does is make jewelry with the woman. It’s a great way to interact with the women, and they love having something to take home. So we all made something too!


Tyler loved holding her! And even when she got fussy, he would talk to her and tell her, “it’s okay” and give her the passy! It was so cute to watch!
Carter got his turn too-and she was all smiles in his arms.
Kate was all about Eliana!!
So every morning I laid out a few clothes, and let Kate pick her outfit. Oh, she loved that!
And even the matching bow- of course!!
We enjoyed making dinner together too-sure makes the work load less! I was just doing my thang in the kitchen-scooping out the bugs from the noodles-and my sister caught me! The guests aren’t supposed to see that part…but she just rolled with it! I told her how they float right to the top and we just scoop ’em off. Nicaragua is a huge step up from Haiti, but we are still in the third world!
My sister loving on her every minute she could! And Eliana couldn’t get enough.
Date night!! My sister and Ryan insisted they watch Eliana and have her all to themselves, and forced us to go on a date-oh twist my arm! It was so nice to get out just us two-our first time out without her!
Eliana looooooved all the attention!















5 thoughts on “A wonderful week together

  1. Oh, Oh, OH!!! I love getting a peek into your fun week!! We are missing all of you – but feel like we just had a little “visit”! Those have to be the cutest kids ever – all FOUR of them! God is good indeed!

  2. What a special time! Loved seeing you and Rach and all the family. Eliana is darling, wow she has grown!! How fun that the “cousins” got to hang out together. Loved this post!!!
    Hugs and Kisses. Aunt Kathy

  3. Sister! I love reading about the trip through your eyes! We had so much fun but it flew by way to fast. This is the next best thing! I so loved that you had Kate pick out Elianas outfits- she absolutely loved it and may beg to do it again the next time we get to see her! Loved the shots of the boys with her too!

    Love you!

  4. Such adorable pictures of Eliana…..her eyes are so big and bright! What a wonderful time with your sis & family.
    Love ya,

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