Matagalpa, the coffee plantation, and downtown Leon.

Towards the end of the week we took them out to see the hill country. There is this place called Matagalpa, about a 2.5 hour drive from us. It’s way up in the mountains, and is super mild weather and lush. We went on a coffee plantation tour, which was actually really interesting. The kids did great cause there were lots of new things to look at, and animals all along the way. This is the same place with those howler monkeys (yes, the place we took Brandon’s parents and mom got totally freaked out by the sound!) and so we of course went on a hunt for them. We didn’t get to see any, but we sure heard them. The kids were really into it, which was good, cause I thought they might get freaked out by the noise-it scares me!

Eliana thought the tour was just fascinating.
Look how cute they are. Inside the greenhouse, where they start the little coffee beans and help them sprout.
This shows the process of the bean turning into the plant-pretty amazing huh?
Learning all about the whole process. Brandon was of course loving it, he is such a coffee guy.
Afterwards they brought us some delicious coffee while we watched a short video too-Kate loved helping!
Last but not least was the taste test. It was like being at a vineyard-they had you try a few kinds, write down what you tasted in the coffee. So cool. They even had an instant coffee so you could taste and see how horrible it was in comparison!


The whole gang-on top of the mountain.


Did you know this is how Papaya is grown? Pretty cool huh?


We had lunch on the patio, on the lake. My sister lovin’ on Eliana.
It was such a beautiful day! Oh, what cherished times with them!


Rach and Carter infront of this great map of Nicaragua. Can you see where we live-Leon? Can you spot Matagalpa?
Out hiking with everyone. Kate sure loves her uncle Brandon… She would often walk up to him and just grab his hand-he loved it!


As the hike went on-everyone ended up carrying someone. Those little legs were getting tired!! I had it easiest, my package only weighed 12 pounds!

On the road, oh the things we see !! It’s nice to have visitors because I forget how not normal it is to see this …

Like straight out of Biblical times-two oxen pulling a cart


We of course took them through downtown Leon, such a unique and old town. The highlight for Ryan, a History professor, was the really old church built back in the 1800’s. We all were looking forward to taking a tour of the roof-we’ve heard the views of the city are incredible. Well, they wouldn’t let the kids go up. Everyone was super bummed, especially since we had told them how fun it would be. Well, as to not waste a trip, my sister and Brandon headed to the roof while Ryan and I stayed with the kids. Turns out, they said it was such a good thing the kids weren’t allowed up there! There were super narrow breeze ways that you could just fall to your death, steep stairs, and all sorts of debris around. They did take some great photos though…

The whole cute family!
Another church beyond the tile and tin roofs. Isn’t that view amazing??


The stairwell of death.
They loved it!


The last day was low key, a sweet friend who lives here offered to take them to the school that they work with. The kids loved seeing another school, and afterwards they visited some of Summer’s friends. They enjoyed hanging out and playing baseball with kids their same age. I had to stay home cause I got sick. Blah. At least it was their last day, and I was feeling better the next day. It was of course sad to see them go. Just when I think goodbye’s are hard, I look over and see one of their kids crying. If that doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what would! Oh how we sure do love them! What a delight to have them stay in our home here in Nicaragua, for them to see what it is we are doing here, to see and experience the third world, to get to know Nicaragua and the staff we have working here, and the best part for me was all of them spoiling and loving on Eliana, me, and Brandon!




5 thoughts on “Matagalpa, the coffee plantation, and downtown Leon.

  1. We were in Haiti 2012 (the week of your anniversary) and I know that you guys like coffee! I remember the coffee pot broke at the mission house, and you two went to buy a new one and the price was outrageous, so the guys ended up taking the broken one apart and got it working again! We were pretty excited to have coffee again! I’ve enjoyed reading about your new adventures in Nicaragua and of course about the baby. We hope to get there in 2014 on a well drilling trip. Enjoy the coffee and everything else! Karen Blakley

  2. I found your blog while looking for information on “sifting wheat”. Your blog from 2011 showed up. As I read how satan was sifting you in your decision to have a child, I wondered if you’d been blessed so I looked ahead in the story (smile) and was blessed to see you with a little girl in your arms. Your faithfulness has surely been rewarded…thank you for your testimony!

  3. We so loved our time in Nicaragua with your sweet family! It all went by way too fast but I do love that I can now picture you in your daily routine lovin on sweet E! Can’t wait until next time!

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