A little change.

It’s been a while, again. Sigh. But here’s the thing. This blog can’t be what it used to be, it just can’t. The long and short is I am no longer Mrs. Missionary… volunteering for the last two years with Living Water, living the wild life of serving abroad, playing hostess and running a guesthouse for a multitude of people on trips, doing reports for LWI, cooking breakfast for a dozen people in the mornings, packing lunches, shopping at the oh so crazy it used to be exciting but then was just hot and stinky market. I could play the maryter card pretty well. After all, we lived in the poorest country in the western hemisphere-it wasn’t a stretch to paint a picture of a hard life. It was hard, it so many ways.

And here we are, in the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Let me tell you, there is a big difference between first and second place. Huge.

So what does that have to do with this blog? Well, things are different here. And not only are our surrounding much different, but so is our lifestyle. We live in this strange suburbia neighborhood. We have a house with air conditioning units. Can you believe it? And the best part? I still complain about how hot it is.

But that doesn’t mean there are not thoughts roaming around in this head of mine. Thoughts that I am dying to write down.Those of you who really know me, well, okay you can pry figure out in a few minutes, I am pretty opinionated. And if I error one way or the other it’s towards freely and pry too openly sharing those opinions. So why have I not been sharing them? I don’t know. Part of it is censorship. After all, if you only knew what thoughts were floating around up in my head, you might not think me such a great missionary gal anymore. Maybe I could add on to a blog I like to read called, “the very worst missionary” and dub it Part Two.  I guess after living and serving abroad for a few years now, I have become more jaded and opinionated than I care to admit. It’s something I have to constantly bring before the Lord.

And the other side of things is that now, by the amazing grace of God, I am a mom. And that means the majority of my day is, well, just not that exciting. That’s not true, I think it’s pretty incredible and I love every minute. But is it enough to capture and keep the attention of y’all? I don’t know. But, I’m sorry to say, I don’t really care.

So, if you have been checking this blog for great glimpses into life here in Nicaragua, and the ministry we are doing here, you are going to just have to find another blog for that. Trust me, there are tons out there. Brandon is the one working full time in ministry, and you all know how well that has worked trying to get him to post! So, be forewarned, change is in the air!!

6 thoughts on “A little change.

  1. You sounds so sad, Jessica…..on the verge of depressed. Don’t think any of us are going to “judge” you ! Your life has changed, you have given and given…you have put in your time! You have done more in your life than I have in my 45 years! You are a mommy-and that changes everything!!!! I definitely miss the updates about the challenges you face, the delight and successes, but you are only human…don’t be so hard on yourself! I have only met Brandon, as we were the last group to come to Haiti last October, so I only know you through the praises of you through him and the sharing you have done. BUT- I have a good “ear” and would be happy to listen if you need someone “outside the loop”. hang in there!   Have a great day! Monica


    1. Ummm not sure how to respond to your comment Monica… Maybe that is part of the problem with blogs/email/web stuff. The intent of the writer can be greatly misconstrued when you can’t chat face to face or hear a persons tone.Thank you for your concern. But to clarify, I do not feel sad on the verge of depression in any way, so I am sorry that my post gave that impression! I am actually loving this new role as a mom, and being out of full time ministry is quite refreshing! I feel like it has opened my eyes anew to those around me, and I feel like I can more freely respond in love to others without it feeling like I’m just doing my job.

  2. It was sure great to see you guys in S.D…………especially beautiful, little Elianna!! Please keep your eyes on our Lord…..He is using you for His purposes. Love and prayers, jerry & Mary Ann

  3. Just post a picture of that sweet babe every day and everyone on the other side of this blog will be more than happy! 🙂 Love you Jess!

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