Our visit to California-take two.

Wow. I didn’t realize how many photos I was trying to put on here from our trip to California.  I split it up, so here is the second half of our stay…

Eliana hanging out with the boys-Great Grandpa & Grandpa
This was great! We met tons of family at the Irvine Spectrum. I was amazed at how many ladies were able to make it happen! Quite a few were visiting from out of town, so it was so nice to catch up and see everyone!
Kate, Great Grandma, me and Cortney
Aunt Kathy and Barbie fought over time with Eliana! So sweet.
A little cousin time too! We got to see my cousin Elizabeth and her two adorable kids. Finnley is just 5 weeks older than Eliana, he is so adorable. What a treat to catch up with them, since they too were visiting from out of town.
Eliana and Finn “playing” together.
My Aunt Karen loving on her. Oh I love it!!
i love that we were able to be home for my brothers birthday too! His wife, Ashley made him this amazing ice cream sandwich cake! Pinterest baby!!
Loving every minute with Grammy!


Getting lots of time in with Grandpa and Grandma!!
Byrd & Trevor (the boys were vetoing the camera!) And the most exciting news ever-we finally got to meet the newest addition to their family!! He is so adorable!! And Nikki happened to be in town from Seattle so we got to see her too-what a treat indeed!


Sweet Alicia just adored Eliana! She is pregnant with her 3rd boy-so she loved all her girlyness!!
Duke just loved playing with her-it was adorable!!
And LJ was so sweet and gentle too-those boys are too cute!!


We got to meet up with Danielle and her two sweet kids-who Eliana found to be just fascinating!
Had a great time hanging out with Nick, Julie and their adorable kids. They were just fascinated with Eliana, and played so nicely with her.
Sweet Chloe giving kisses!!
Her first time at the beach in California…she loved it!!
Brandon and I got a date day, without Eliana, and we went to a baseball game. It was SO fun!!
Meeting Aunt Kathy. She just loved her, and loved playing!
Hanging with Darcy-who has such fun things to play with since she too has a little girl!
Darcy’s little girl Jolie with Eliana-she loved hanging out with her, it was like having a real live doll to play with !
Yay! We got to see Dejah, Eric, Malena & Nayeli.


Precious time with Cathy. And, crazy too, we saw them at the airport when we left!! They were dropping their daughter and grand daughter off at the airport-so many tears saying goodbye to loved ones!




















3 thoughts on “Our visit to California-take two.

  1. Wow, you guys sure got a lot done in your time here! Eliana is the sweetest thing, just so happy and smiley all the time! What a precious family you have!!

  2. Hey Jess, this is Terry Aldridge from Crossgates Baptist in Mississippi, just wanted to let ya’ll know that we will be on our way to Rivis around this time Saturday 9/7/13 with a group from the Church to drill another well. Not sure if we will get to see ya’ll but will let you know how it goes. In Christ, Terry

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