Our visit to California.

There was something extra wonderful and special about our visit back home this time. And I think it primarily had to do with our newest addition. Can I just tell you how fun it was to show her off? Watching her meet her aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents, friends, kids of our friends, everyone! It was delightful. And of course she loved every minute of it-wouldn’t you if you were the center of attention for three weeks straight? She was spoiled rotten, and we soaked it all up. Saying goodbye this time was extra hard, knowing she will change so much in the few months between our next visit.

Highlights from our three weeks are shown below in picture from. There is no way I can write out all the fun and wonderful things we did, so here are some pictures that tell the story of our most recent visit home. I didn’t hold back, there are a lot of photos!!

This was waiting for us when we pulled up to Brandon’s parents house!!
She was fascinated with Great Grandpa & Grandma (This Grandma is where she got her middle name-it’s Grandmas middle name and her mom’s first name too)
Meeting Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Reid. Kelsey was in heaven, since she has a little boy Taj, she loved spoiling her little niece!
Taj checking out his cousin. He wasn’t sure what he thought. Every time Kelsey held her, he would calmly walk up to her and say, “mama, don’t hold her”. ! It was a crack up!!
Meeting Uncle Ben and Aunt Ashley. Actually wearing a cute outfit they got her for one of my showers!!
Grammy just soaking her up! And Eliana loving listening to her sing, talk and play with her!!
We got to meet up with dear friends, Darcy, Tina, Kelly and the husbands too. Oh how we cherish them!!
Erik (who actually used to be a baker!!) made this beautiful cake for Eliana!! How sweet is that??
Grandma and Eliana. These two are a crack up to watch, and she taught her this little trick too-it was too fun to watch.
Aunt Barbie & Uncle Ken holding her. Oh how sweet it was to watch her rock Eliana to sleep-she has the touch!
It was a treat to see Jerry and MaryAnn, who were visiting all the way from Arizona!
My mom surprised us ladies and took us all out to this fancy lunch in Fallbrook-it was simply beautiful.
They do weddings here, but we had no idea you could come for lunch. Thanks for such a fun surprise mom!!
We went to Big Bear with my family, it was SO fun!! This is the craziness that was 11 of us staying in a cabin together! We had such a great time! Grammy even organized tons of fun “Minute to Win it” Games. The kids had a lot of fun…okay let”s be honest, us adults did too! Our competitiveness came out, as some of these games looked so easy, but they were in fact not!
This one was super hard-trying to get coke cans on a spaghetti noodle! Ben & Ashley dominated!
Carter won this one-stacking the most dice in the shortest time frame…impressive.
This one was by FAR the funniest. You had to put this belt on with ping pong balls, and shake them all out. Whoever got all the balls out the fastest won…oh my goodness…we have video of everyone doing it-there is some serious blackmail material in there!!
Brandon and Tyler taking their puzzle time very seriously…
We went for a hike-and tried out the new backpack carrier!! She loved it. Loved it. I don’t know who was more happy…me because I finally got a break from carrying her, her cause she loved being to high and looking around!
Brandon with all the ladies.. !
Aunty and Uncle Ryan loved holding Eliana-there kids are a bit older now, so they really enjoyed this stage of her sitting still and snuggling!!
Oh she is s.p.o.i.l.e.d.. Bathed by the three of them (Grammy, Ashley and Aunty) cooing and smiling at her!!!
Aunt Cortney and Uncle Clinton came down from Seal Beach to love on her too. They are having a baby girl too! Due in January!! Yay for more cousins!!
Hanging out with Grandpa at Babies R Us.. she sure thinks he is a hoot!
Grandpa put her in one of these mobile toy things-she loooooved it. Batted her eyes and asked for her own! Good thing she lives so far and that thing wouldn’t make it on the plane, or else Grandpa might have been in trouble!!
Enjoying a pedicure with Aunt Kelsey!!
We got some quality time in with Taj-he sure is a hammy ham!!
Eliana loving cuddling with Great Grandma!!

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