Crusty crusty.

Oh she looks innocent alright.

But that face was after she mysteriously pee’d on me while she was nursing. ( I still don’t know how all her pee missed her diaper and soaked straight on me-a first) I was sitting there wondering what, and how there was something warm getting on me. When finished, I walked her over to the table to eat some solids and she yacked on me and it dripped down my neck.

After I took this picture she managed to kick over her bowl of carrots (in protest?) as she was trying to look down to the right at the exciting box of rice cereal. Carrot all over my shorts and legs.  No shower for me for another hour or so.  The best part? I hardly noticed the smell anymore after  it all dried and crusted over. She’s so cute, it doesn’t really bother me!! Does that mean I’m officially a mom?

3 thoughts on “Crusty crusty.

  1. How could anyone with such an innocent look, do such dastardly deeds? (LOL)
    Yes, you are now a full fledged, card carrying Mom. These little things are memories you will share w/ her when she gets older. Just love her for us.
    Grandma and Grandpa Shuck

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