Prayer Challenge

I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that Brandon and I don’t pray together regularly. Every time we do it, we both love it and always see the fruit of it in pretty amazing ways. So, why don’t we do it together more often? I don’t know. (actually, I do know. It’s that dam devil who knows how powerful it would be if we did do that more regularly, and it’s not a discipline in our lives!)

So when I got an email about a prayer challenge through Family Life I was excited. I asked Brandon if we would do it with me and he said yes. Like an excited yes!! And then something ugly happened in my heart, I got annoyed. Instead of being thankful that He was willing to commit to praying with me every single day for the next month, my head was saying “but he’s supposed to be the spiritual leader of the family, he should initiate/do this”.

And I’m sorry, but I think this is just sad.

I do believe that the husband is the leader of the home, in all things. That is where God has placed him. And after doing an amazing study on submission (don’t cringe ladies, it was actually a great study that completely changed my perspective on the word!) I learned through that study that the Husband should indeed be leader of all things spiritual in the home. But, but I learned that doesn’t mean as the wives we can’t do/lead/encourage Godliness too. Or do/lead/encourage a bible study together, or praying together. Just because he is to be the head doesn’t mean that I can’t initiate things that are spiritual. For some reason I blurred those lines, and I know, it doesn’t make any sense! So, thankfully, A total light bulb went on, that simply because I think he should initiate and do all things spiritual because that is his job, I then back down at things I know the Lord wants me to do as his wife and helper. I feel annoyed that Brandon didn’t’ think of X for us to do, or if he doesn’t ask me how my relationship with the Lord is than that isn’t okay. Ummmmm hello. I can initiate that! And I’ve fallen into that rut, again.

And so, as I found this prayer challenge, and brought it up to him, I am so thankful He is on board! I mean, I am thrilled that he was excited, ready and happy to do it with me. Thankfully, I know he and the Lord forgive me for those old negative thoughts creeping in-stuff that could have poisoned the very thing meant to breathe fresh life into our marriage-simply because he didn’t initiate this one.

So we are on day seven. And I am loving praying with Him every single day. So far it’s been great.

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