Who doesn’t love new recipes?

I feel like I’m in that constant struggle of wanting to make something yummy for dinner, not feeling like I have tons of time to prepare it, and also not wanting something with an exhaustive ingredient list that sends me to the four corners of the grocery store and back. (cause who has time to back track in the grocery store?! It’s maddening.)

So, I thought I would share three of my favorite new recipes. They are easy. Fast (quick enough to pull off while both kids are awake and running amuck because let’s be honest I rarely want to give up any of that precious nap time to make dinner either!!) Delicious.

First…Chipotle burrito bowls. These are amazing. And it makes enough for like 6 people. So if there aren’t six of you to feed, with a little prep work you can have dinner and lunch the next day!) Oh, and it has you make your own chipotle sauce by using chipotle peppers in adobo sause-sounds annoying but it’s SO worth it. Word of caution, well two actually. 1. slice open the chilies and scrape out the seeds! (she fails to tell you to do this!! like all of them. then when you’re all done, try it and if you need more kick add like 3 seeds at a time! 2. don’t touch anything with your hands when you chop them. nothing. You’ll regret it…


Second pick. This one I knew would be amazing, and the funny part was since we have tacos all the time -usually ground meat, carne asada, or chicken-Brandon kept saying, “hmm this has no meat”. Hmmmm And I was like “hmmm is good”?!? or hmmm don’t make this again?! And he was said it was amazing. So for those of you who see the words vegetarian and get freaked out-try it !!


Third.Lettuce wraps. Who doesn’t love these? I cheated too and just chopped up lettuce, it was just as yummy and way less messy. Oh, and another tip here. Not sure what on earth this girl is thinking, but she has like 10 spicy things in the recipe!! I cut out a few cause I either couldn’t find them, or didn’t want it that spicy for the kids and it still had a kick!  (I didn’t add a jalepeno and only did 2 TBS of sirachi sauce. Also, this one does have kind of different ingredients, but you may just want to buy them cause you’ll love it so much you will most likely be making it again!!


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