This is Christ’s body broken for you.

Our church takes communion every week, and I kind of love it. I love being reminded, often, what the Lord did for me. That it’s only by His life and what He did on the cross that I can come to Him. That I can have a relationship with Him. That I can come into His Holy presence and be with Him. It blows my little tiny human mind.
And one thing that our church started about a month back was new to me. There are tables on the sides of the stage with bread and juice, and we each get up when we’re ready and go and take communion and then sit down. You know the drill, but each church usually has a different way they do it. So what happened a few weeks ago really touched me. The pastor said we were going to try something new. He said when we went up to take communion, you would take the bread and break off a piece and actually hand it to the person behind you. You were to look them right in the eyes, and say,  “This is Christ’s body, broken for you.” And then hand them the cup so they could dip the bread and then say, “This is Christ’s blood, spilled for you”.
I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Communion is that strange thing that is both very personal, but also something we do as a body of believers. And so I wasn’t so sure I liked the idea of talking to someone else when I just wanted this moment to be about me and God.

Or so I thought.

I stood in line waiting for my turn, and I watched the people in font of me. And oh my goodness, I was so moved as I watched my brothers and sisters in the Lord serve each other. I was actually in tears as I heard a husband whisper to his wife, “this is the body of Christ, broken for you.” And then an older man say those same words to the woman behind him.

It was beautiful.

I was reminded that yes, what the Lord did on the cross was for me. If I was the only person on earth, He still would have done it for me because that is how much He loves me. But it was also done for every single person. It’s a gift that is completely free, and was done out of His great love for us.

So we’ve continued to do it this way for about the last month, and each time we do it I still get teary eyed. There is something so powerful in hearing those words, each week, spoken right to me because the pastor has added another element of personalization. Since we are a small church and can do it-we say the person’s name. And if we don’t know it, we ask them. So each week I hear these words, and it does something way down deep in my soul.

Jessica. This is Christ’s body broken for you. This is Christ’s blood spilled for you.

Thank you Jesus, for what you did for us on the cross!!!

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